Sabbath-Keeping for Pastors

The lack of correlation between time at work and quality of work has been a recurring theme in Harvard Business Review over the last decade. Not long ago, I received an email newsletter with yet more research showing that working more hours does not mean working more effectively. The article cited a study where managers could not tell the difference in work output between employees who worked 80 hours a week and those who only pretended to work 80 hours a week.

The article summarized its findings with this statement: “Keep overworking, and you'll progressively work more stupidly on tasks that are increasingly meaningless.”

We followers of The-God-Who-Rested are happy to find confirmation outside the church that rest is best. After all, we worship the One who modeled a rhythm of rest: God created the heavens and the earth, plants, sun, moon, stars, human beings—all of life—in six days. And on the seventh day he didn’t create anything. He rested.

Not only does ...

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