Devotions From Building Church Leaders

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  • One Thing Worth Having
    Even in trials, we can experience joy.
  • One Among Friends
    Even Jesus, though he was God and could have done every­thing by himself, chose to gather a group of key followers to help him carry out his earthly ministry and to keep him company along the way.
  • Not Off The Hook
    God doesn't let us off the hook by offering us a life of ease.
  • No Fear
    Even in a nation of abundance, fear is a universal human emotion.
  • Need To Be Needed
    In the Old Testament, David found out that even those he counted on turned against him.
  • Managing Your Anger
    "Email regret" occurs when you click "send" but wish you hadn't.
  • Love For The Outcast
    The person we despise most may be the person God wants us to reach most.
  • Leading By Serving
    When two disciples of Jesus requested a place of prominence in Jesus' kingdom, Jesus instructed the disciples on the true meaning of leadership—not "lord-leadership," but servant leadership.
  • Last Words
    In his last words, Joshua challenged the Israelites to choose God.
  • Joy From God's Presence
    Experiencing the presence of God brings joy to our lives.
  • Intoxicated With Love
    A strong sexual relationship with one's spouse makes an extramarital affair less likely.
  • Integrity Is Everything
    Character always trumps the bottom line.
  • Ideal To Live Out
    Only the church has the true basis for racial unity.
  • Honest Inventory
    Leaders need to regularly take honest, rigorous inventories of their character.
  • God's Rolodex
    The Bible, commands us to spend time with the broken and helpless.
  • God's Golden Parachute
    In many corporate mergers, the top executives end up with a golden parachute; the rest of the employees plummet to Earth.
  • God's Claim
    God calls us to worship joyfully with shouts and songs.
  • God's Call, Our Actions
    When facing major forks in the road, we desperately want to hear clearly from God.
  • God's Big Tent
    While it's tempting to feel suspicious of those who seem different, such feelings are as old as Old Testament Israel.
  • God Of Rest
    God is not a slave driver who wants us to squeeze out every minute of the day for activity.
  • Displaying 41–60 of 151 Articles
    Page :234... 8
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