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Limping Leaders
For a generation fixated on sprinting, failure is producing a better way.
authority, this was a wake up call. How many of us have allowed our ambition for ministry to eclipse our preparation? How many of us have pursued
Uncovering Hidden Agendas
We are half-hearted creatures, fooling about with drink and sex and ambition when infinite joy is offered us, like an ignorant child who wants to go on making mud pies in a slum
Making the Right Moves
Here are three good reasons for considering a change of scenery. Holy ambition. Ambition becomes destructive when we try to usurp control from God.
Mapping the Territory
Mistakes with staff. For some reason, the church office is particularly hazardous territory. Perhaps it's the clash of worldly ambition and heavenly zeal, or the echo of competing egos.
Pointing Toward Maturity
consider their total lives. One time they talk about investments, for instance. Another morning, they'll discuss ambition or office politics. They're making an
Prayers for Intervention
I completed the Saturday night ritual by asking that the pulpit, a mere piece of wood, be consecrated as an altar upon which I sacrificed, yet again, my pride, ambition, and desire to be
Minding My Own Business
In Paul's list of the acts of the sinful nature in Galatians 5:19-21, for example, I saw envy and selfish ambition mentioned in the same breath as orgies, idolatry, and witchcraft!
The Ruches: The Too-Easy Decision
Pastoral couples simply have to accept them. Most pastors find their own natural ambition heightened by what is at stake in the ministry: eternal destinies.
I heard, saw, and rubbed shoulders with pain, frustration, joy, accomplishment, depression, ambition, burnout, failure-everything that occurs in daily parish life.
Leader's Insight: Pastoral Ambition
All this "success" is working against God's purposes, and chipping away at our souls.
Leader's Insight: Pastoral Ambition. All this "success" is working against God's purposes, and chipping away at our souls. I want to talk about pastoral ambition.
Strong to the Finish
Was my ministry negatively affecting the people I was serving? When I entered ministry I had to analyze issues such as ambition, giftedness, family, and study habits.
Night Dialogues
The same synthetic joy can come in the drive for success. Church growth based on ego and ambition may be exciting, but it cannot be joyful in the biblical sense.
From the Editor
We address such internal issues as calling, identity, ambition, temptation, character, and your on-going relationship with God. While we'll continue to
Caring for People
That became my burning ambition until I met the Lord at twenty years of age, and he made it clear that he had another plan for my life. How did the Lord make that plan clear to you?
Understanding the Three Church Systems
it mine? Am I treating it as God's or am I treating it as mine? Am I motivated by ministry, or am I motivated by desire and human ambition?". When I read
Preaching to Those Who Just Don't Get it
Maybe the only real change happened within me. Maybe it was mostly a personal revival, unconfessed pride and ambition exposed and rooted out. Ever
An interview with Richard Nelson Bolles
career? Where do call and ambition, and parish exigencies and altruism meet? ministry? For some reason, I've been remarkably devoid of ambition in the church.
The Salt, not the Honey, of the World
When healthy, the body of Christ doesn't have to be in the majority, but it must make its presence felt in the world.
earth.". To look at many Christians who are soft and effeminate and sweet one would think that their ambition is to be the honeypot of the world. They
Hurting Parents
Happy families are all alike: every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.
little rural school. When she fell in love with a senior boy of questionable character and negligible ambition, her parents decided to act. The father resigned
The Apocalyptic Pastor
group of mercenaries. When a congregation no longer serves our ambition, it is abandoned for another under the euphemism of a larger ministry. In the
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