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5 Passages Your Pastor Wishes You'd Stop Taking Out of Context
How we get them wrong and what church leaders can do about it.
The Bible was written for us, but not everything in it was written to us. So should we avoid sharing this verse with those in despair? Not necessarily. Abram
Pastoring in the Age of Celebrity
How famous Bible teachers impact local Bible study.
The attention around a popular Bible teacher and their work can make any given Bible study or sermon series from a local leader seem lacking in comparison.
How to Woo People into God's Story
Step down from the stage and guide them in the learning experience.
Develop Wooing Strategies. So how do we woo the people in our churches into Bible engagement? Consider Paul's words to Titus on how to instruct
The Word Made Fresh
Innovators are finding creative ways to get people engaged with Scripture.
He touts "scriptural engagement" as the real goal. Collins says that practically every Bible agency has added scriptural engagement to its metrics of success.
Confessions Of A Social Media Lurker: 3 Guidelines For Commenting Constructively Online
I don't want to just participate in conversations – whether they're online or in real life. I want to elevate them. And be elevated by them.
Pivot: A Blog by Karl Vaters - Article
Why? Well, there's this Bible passage about pearls and pigs... But only under very tight guidelines. I've created a set of rules for my engagement in online conversations.
What Does a Healthy Small Church Look Like?
Numbers can help us understand some things about the health of a church. But they’re not the only thing.
Pivot: A Blog by Karl Vaters - Article
Christ-centered; Bible-based; Ministers to people inside and outside the church; Stays true Has high engagement of its membership; Values mission over survival; Friendly; Adaptable and
World-Changing Politics - Article
As "salt and light" what role does political engagement play in our efforts to influence culture? In Bible college, I stood along Lancaster Drive in Salem, Oregon, with hundreds of other
The Pluses of Google+ for Church Leaders
How churches can benefit from Google’s latest social media tool. - Article
a person can still be at work but pop in during the lunch hour virtually for a Bible study. But the biggest plus of Google right now is the high level of engagement (last week, Google said
In Memory of Ruth Bell Graham - Article
She never served in Tibet and didn't make it out of college without an engagement ring on her finger. So now they're off [to school], I'm in bed with my Bible thinking it through.
Displaying 1–9 of 9 matches