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What Does a Healthy Small Church Look Like?
Numbers can help us understand some things about the health of a church. But they’re not the only thing.
Pivot: A Blog by Karl Vaters - Article
Christ-centered; Bible-based; Ministers to people inside and outside the church; Stays true Has high engagement of its membership; Values mission over survival; Friendly; Adaptable and
World-Changing Politics - Article
As "salt and light" what role does political engagement play in our efforts to influence culture? In Bible college, I stood along Lancaster Drive in Salem, Oregon, with hundreds of other
In Memory of Ruth Bell Graham - Article
She never served in Tibet and didn't make it out of college without an engagement ring on her finger. So now they're off [to school], I'm in bed with my Bible thinking it through.
The Pluses of Google+ for Church Leaders
How churches can benefit from Google’s latest social media tool. - Article
a person can still be at work but pop in during the lunch hour virtually for a Bible study. But the biggest plus of Google right now is the high level of engagement (last week, Google said
Displaying 1–4 of 4 matches