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Remembering Their Chains
6 Practical Ways to Support the Global Persecuted Church
Making the Most of Your Mission Trip
A missionary’s tips for a successful cross-cultural experience - Article
Making the Most of Your Mission Trip. Nothing surges global vision in your church like team members returning from a cross-cultural experience with changed lives.
Locally Grown Pastors
4 ways churches are preparing ministers in-house.
it's putting a hold on you for six months to understand the structure and mission of the In my MA in Global Leadership cohort, I had the privilege of tackling issues of ministry context with
McKnight: Why Don't We Care About Global Missions
Explaining the American church's silence around The Cape Town Commitment.
The Jumbo Jet Generation
Why Boeing, and not just the Bible, is responsible for the rising interest in global justice.
Maximum Ministry
How churches can successfully discern and answer God's call to serve.
The church had a historic and abiding commitment to community service as part of its mission, and members put on Paul metropolitan area, but the global missions community as well.
What's Next: It's the Economy—or Is It?
The reasons a church fails often go beyond money problems. - Article
In fact, the global financial crisis presents a ready scapegoat for failures of every kind greater opportunities present themselves in the areas of land, buildings, or mission opportunities–a
Brenda Salter McNeil
Get to know Rev. Dr. Brenda Salter McNeil, one of our Gifted for Leadership editorial advisors. - Article
world. Her mission is to inspire every mind and ignite every heart. video!). – "Behold, the Global Church", a Christian Vision Project article (November 2006).
The Real Worship War
Forget about choruses versus hymns—what about justice?
Part of the malady is this tragic rationale: that in the face of global need, if we can For several years I received each Sunday morning an e-mail from mission partners we were supporting.
When No One Seems Qualified to Lead
How five churches overcame obstacles to leader development.
train church planters for global ministries.". "Dann," Jack responded, "I want to mentor and be mentored unselfishly. I don't want to be recruited into a denominational mission program.
The Brand and Value of a Church
What’s in a name? For churches, it could be more than you think. - Article
The focus of the church should always be on its mission. This is earned with service in both your local and global community, by the relationships built through ministry, and by the hard
Trump Vows Repeal of Endorsement Ban • Evangelist’s Sexual Misconduct • Member’s Rights: News Roundup
This week’s headlines that affect churches and church leaders. - Article
China Soul for Christ Foundation—a top evangelistic organization for the global Chinese church produced other reports about abuse at Bob Jones University and New Tribes Mission.
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