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Getting Past the Lie of Rejection
Five steps you can take to get back on track. - Article
Each word pierced me like a dagger to my soul. After pouring hours, sweat, tears, and passion into a church I loved, the leadership decided I was not enough. I was not enough.
How to Keep Leading When You Feel Like Falling Apart
5 things to do when you face tragedy and turmoil - Article
perfectly. Her skills in cooking and hospitality gave much-needed dimension to my women's ministry. In turn, I assisted her in children's leadership. At
Lead Well Alongside Men
5 tips for co-laboring for the kingdom - Article
As a lead pastor of a church and a program director at a seminary, I have come to see that it is both an opportunity as well as a challenge to co-labor with men in leadership.
3 Ways to Maximize Co-Pastoring
Effective co-pastoring requires more than just dividing up tasks. - Article
We had the tools we needed for exegesis, pastoral counseling, and leadership. as we tried to find a magic formula to determine the perfect application of our individual skills and gifts
Poured Out for the Church
Releasing the desire to be right, even when you’ve been wronged - Article
Many, if not most, pastors could share a similar story of deep wounds inflicted upon them by a congregation, leadership team, or even a single, cantankerous church member.
What a Pastoral Coach Says Pastors Need for Spiritual Self-Care
Ways to create a healthy rhythm in ministry work. - Article
growing your leadership skills and caring for your soul.” This idea of “soul care” simply means attending to one's own spiritual life and doing what is necessary to foster one's own
6 Ways to Start Mentoring in 2018
Find out how to navigate generational differences, build their confidence, and prepare for rejection.
Want to train yourself and others to pass along their skills and wisdom to others? Strong leadership is not enough to create healthy ministries: handing over the mantle to new leaders
When You Feel Like a Failure
Whether you've truly failed―or you just feel like a failure―the experience can actually be a blessing. - Article
period. Still, her words haunted me. I didn't trust my own leadership abilities, just as I didn't trust that God in me could do a mighty work through me. I cried
Beat Imposter Syndrome
How to stand firm in who God says you are when you feel like a phony - Article
In ministry teams, those who are asked to serve on committees at church wonder if the selection team really knew what they were doing when offering a position of leadership.
Should You Take on More?
5 questions to decide if projects outside your role are right for you - Article
something God may be calling us into because it taps into our giftedness, passion, skills, or next In the past decade as I have grown in leadership experience and influence, I have been
Our Best on Leadership Skills
10 tools to identify and improve your most important practices as a leader.
Our Best on Leadership Skills. 10 tools to identify and improve your most important practices as a leader. Marshall Leadership skills are many and varied. But
Overlooked: When Women Are Passed Over for Leadership
Research suggests a reason for this phenomenon beyond the glass ceiling. - Article
the job to Steve*—a hip, dynamic singer who dazzled everyone with his musical skills. examples of men in church settings who have been offered positions of leadership and promoted
The Changing Face of the Executive Pastor Role
A longtime XP discusses what is changing for a position once limited to large churches. - Article
About half of XPs bring leadership expertise from the business world…but not biblical expertise. We need leaders who maximize their skills and abilities and want to continue learning.
Disillusioned by the Church
When organizational culture makes you wonder if you belong - Article
including: Lack of alignment between stated and actual values; Inconsistent application of policies; Unhealthy leadership behavior (eg, moral or relational);
We're cheering you on as you live your calling. - Article
Sometimes leadership is tough because we haven't been adequately equipped. we know that support—in the form of encouragement, challenge, friendships, and skills—is crucial to
Share, Listen, and Listen Some More
Every woman knows how to minimize herself, and we need to put a stop to it—here’s how. - Article
For many women who serve in leadership positions in the church, however, there comes a point at which we don't―we can't―negate the God-given image present in every single one
3 Reasons to Heed Limits in Your Leadership
As leaders, we naturally get frustrated by limits. But we can use them to our advantage. - Article
3 Reasons to Heed Limits in Your Leadership. As leaders, we naturally get frustrated by limits. But we can use them to our advantage. Read as Single
Personal Branding, Platform, and Pride-Management
Promoting the message of Christ―rather than ourselves. - Article
Similarly, a personal brand is the distinctive way someone desires to be seen by others, often emphasizing their positive attributes, such as their strengths, values, skills, and abilities.
Making the Leap from Marketplace to Ministry
Five truths to keep in mind when God calls you to a big career change - Article
Kim Dorr-Tilley was solidly ensconced in the entertainment industry in production and casting before ending up as a talent agent, an occupation her skills, gifts, and experiences helped
8 Guidelines for Ministering to Men
A nuanced alternative to the Billy Graham Rule that views men—and ourselves—first as being in the image of God. - Article
To safeguard marriages and maintain integrity in our pastoral care—or other leadership—women require principles that get at the heart of our relationships preemptively.
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