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A Dream Becomes Reality
Cathy Loerzel founded The Allender Center to help people find healing from abuse and trauma. - Article
Loerzel is the Vice President of Advancement at The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology and the Co-Founder and Executive Director of The Allender Center, a non-profit
3 Questions to Ask a Counselor Before You Get Started
How to discern if he or she is the right person to counsel you - Article
Counselors come from all sorts of training frameworks and backgrounds, and their methods are tied to their theology of change—how we change, heal, and grow.
Dog Names for Theology Lovers
For those who love theology and man's best friend.
Making Space for Women Leaders in the Church
The day my bubble burst about women in ministry. - Article
I had always assumed women could be leaders in the church, even if it was difficult. Even if the theology of some maintained a hierarchy of genders.
Guard Your Study Time with a Blowtorch
…and other strategies for becoming a Pastor Theologian.
Read Ecclesial Theology. If you want to write ecclesial theology, you need to read ecclesial theology. This is because ecclesial theology is its own genre
When Calling Causes Conflict
Many women face opposition in their calling—whether overt, covert, or internal. - Article
Few of us will step into our calling without some level of opposition or conflict. Sometimes, the opposition is overt and impossible to overlook. Karen* felt called to study theology.
Encourage More Women to Lead
Regardless of theology, we need to empower more women to use their gifts in the local church. - Article
Regardless of theology, we need to empower more women to use their gifts in the local church. Encourage More Women to Lead. Regardless of theology
Is Church Growth a Solution Looking for a Problem?
The apostles addressed a broad range of church issues, but no New Testament writer ever told a church to get bigger.
Pivot: A Blog by Karl Vaters - Article
Churches with strong leaders, weak leaders and sinful leaders. They worshiped God imperfectly and fought over theology. They also had a great deal of variety.
I’m Rare: I Haven’t Been Harassed Because I’m a Woman
But I have complicated feelings about that. - Article
I'm a rarely seen species: a woman in theology who has no sad stories to tell you about being harassed, roadblocked, or discriminated against. I've spent
Helping People Connect Faith and Work
These churches send out engineers, teachers, artists, and lawyers as missionaries to their cities.
Discipleship with Monday in Mind is replete with practical stories about how pastors have integrated FWE theology across the life of the church—in pastoral practice, discipleship and
The Right Way to Do Church?
Let's stop looking for a one-size-fits-all way to do church. And stop insisting on it for others.
Pivot: A Blog by Karl Vaters - Article
Others stand on the stability of centuries-long traditions. We need to hold to biblical theology and behavior more firmly than we hold to our traditions and methods.
Lent for Leaders
In our effort to help others observe the season, we can fail to consider what we need. - Article
Such misguided theology can make Lent a burden rather than a tool to make us more Christ-like. What about you? Have you lost sight of what Lent is all about?
My Friendship with Elisabeth Elliot
Leadership lessons over decadent desserts changed my life. - Article
I can only image how difficult it was for Elisabeth to be heard, especially writing authoritatively about theology. And yet, Elisabeth published over 20 books.
A Theology of Tears
Why do we believe ‘There’s no crying in ministry’?
On the Road to Racial Reconciliation
Valuing reconciliation is not the same as actively engaging in it. - Article
By examining the theology, sociology, psychology, and organizational change theory involved in reconciliation, I discovered that a journey with landmarks and distinctive phases is the
The Church's Next 10,000 Years
When considering the future, could our vision be much too small?
It's not enough to simply know theology and Scripture in the abstract if we are unfaithful shepherds to the people God called us to serve. Do we know their unique needs and problems?
Ministry Shouldn’t Hurt
What to do when the church starts acting like an abusive boyfriend - Article
such abuse? The answer is twofold. First of all, women get trapped in abusive ministerial environments because of bad theology. Pastoral leadership
Boring Church Services Changed My Life
While I fought to keep my eyes open, the gospel pressed deep into my heart.
If the sovereign Lord has created us as creatures of habit, why should we think repetition is inimical to our spiritual growth? This repetition built in my heart a deep reservoir of theology.
All Things to All People?
We can’t keep everyone happy, and it’s torture to try - Article
email; print. For several years now, I've participated in a private Facebook group for women in theology and biblical studies. The group started with some
Tom Nelson: A Robust Theology That Informs Work
We must understand the centrality of a robust theology that informs our lives and vocations.
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