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How to Advocate for Singles in Your Church
Minding the margins to draw everyone in - Article
Once, during a conversation with a coworker at a large church where I worked, I discovered that a vast majority of our welcome team volunteers were single people.
When Volunteers Disappoint
Work through disappointment and create realistic expectations for your team. - Article
When Volunteers Disappoint. Volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds, sometimes have little or no ministry experience, and display a wide range of maturity.
How a Small Congregation Fed 145,000 People
God is using 124 people from this historic congregation to support a big ministry.
kinds of outreach. In a church of 80 active members, the food pantry has a staff of 21 volunteers, most of whom are there every week. According to Marvin
4 Ways to Multiply the Impact of Your VBS
Use this one-week event to ignite year-long discipleship.
You purchase items, decorate the church, recruit and train volunteers, and invite families. Then the big week arrives. 4. Follow up with the volunteers.
How Doing Fewer Events Is Helping Our Church Do Better Ministry
If your church, or a department in it, needs to hit the refresh button, it’s not a backwards step to strip things down to the basics.
Pivot: A Blog by Karl Vaters - Article
no midweek service, nothing else. Just put all our KidMin time, energy, budget, volunteers and creativity into Sunday morning. As a church leadership
5 Simple Steps to Recruit Volunteers In a Small Church
It's hard to disciple people when you can't even find volunteers. This simple process can help small churches do both better.
Pivot: A Blog by Karl Vaters - Article
It's hard to disciple people when you can't even find volunteers. Church LeadershipOctober 24, 2016. 5 Simple Steps to Recruit Volunteers In a Small Church
5 Essentials to Build Trust in Your Ministry Team
Lessons from the life of Nehemiah - Article
To be effective in ministry, you need to earn the trust of senior leadership, peers, volunteers, and most importantly, your own team. Yet, trust is not easily obtained.
Feed the Flock
A food-service ministry can be a great way to reach people.
White has at least one—and often three—certified food managers on duty at each function. He also requires each staff member, as well as all volunteers, to be safe-food certified.
Overlooked: When Women Are Passed Over for Leadership
Research suggests a reason for this phenomenon beyond the glass ceiling. - Article
overshadow his musical abilities. Stories soon began to surface about his rude treatment of volunteers and a general unwillingness to collaborate. He left before
8 Ways To Manage Minor Church Leadership Issues Before They Become Big Problems
Many of the issues we think are staff/volunteer problems are actually pastoral leadership problems.
Pivot: A Blog by Karl Vaters - Article
My pastor is so hard to please! I've had a lot of conversations with church staff members and volunteers. Their most commonly repeated frustration usually goes like this:
7 Keys to a Smooth Church Transition
How to make major changes without alienating your congregation.
Some see hope when facing change. Others feel overwhelmed by the list of tasks required to serve their attendees, elders, staff, and volunteers. Managing
Signs Of Life: 7 Ways To Find A Great Small Church To Attend And Serve
Look for a church that does small church things well, instead of trying to do big church things on a smaller scale.
Pivot: A Blog by Karl Vaters - Article
Today I want to address church attenders, members and volunteers – specifically those who are looking for a healthy small church to attend, volunteer and worship in.
4 Ways Your Church Can Help People Simplify Christmas
If we want people to slow down, simplify and learn the joy of giving, our church needs to be a place they can do that.
Pivot: A Blog by Karl Vaters - Article
While the parents wait in the hallway, our adult volunteers help the children buy, then wrap gifts in the little store we've set up with the donated items. View as Single Page Page:123Next.
What to Do When Ministry Jobs Are Scarce
3 ways to protect yourself from unexpected unemployment.
Out of that discussion, they formed a group called COMPASIO. It is composed of volunteers from the class who work together to address individual classmate's problems.
Your Church Can Be a Refuge
4 steps to provide a calm, safe harbor of connection.
own community spaces. This encouraged church leaders and volunteers to shift their focus and energy toward their personal living spaces. Rather than
Does Your Church Use Volunteers for Financial Tasks?
Four leaders weigh in on the makeup and selection of church financial teams. - Article
Does Your Church Use Volunteers for Financial Tasks? Four leaders weigh in on the makeup and selection of church financial teams. Volunteers are an important part of church.
Protecting Special Needs Adults
Part 3 in a series on creating a safe, welcoming ministry. - Article
Volunteers working with adults' ministries should still be vetted, screened, go through a background check, required to never be alone with a ministry participant—all of those same
Meeting IRS Requirements When a Pastor Runs for Office
How one church navigated the tricky issue of political involvement. - Article
During Meeks's state Senate campaigns, no one solicited votes through the church, asked for volunteers, or promoted Meeks's political work on church grounds.
How Not to Lose Your Identity in Ministry
When I took a break from ministry, I realized I’d lost more than my job. - Article
I was tired of how I clung to lies of “not enough”: the volunteers who were not enough, the time in the day that was not enough, and the money that was never enough to do all God
6 Dos and Don’ts for Welcoming Church Guests
Visitor connection should be organic, not contrived.
These volunteers are the vanguard of your welcome team, so devote time training them to brag on kids, admire new babies, and help guests find the friend who invited them.
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