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10 posts women leaders should read - Article
From making your church a more welcoming place to developing emerging leaders, you're eager to learn the best ways to do ministry. 1. Teach Your Entire Church to Welcome Visitors.
5 Good Ways to Welcome Strangers
It’s not illegal to care for immigrants, whatever their status - Article
I suggested we simply consider ways to make our church more welcoming in general to the language to wear a badge at church services identifying the language so visitors can feel
Hospitality Matters
What does your church look like through the eyes of a first-time guest?
You hope your guest's child is greeted by comforting, welcoming faces, giving your friend the confidence needed to drop off her child You hope they don't ask visitors to raise their hands
Wednesday Link List: Disc Golf, Biblical Theology of Sleep, and Evangelism-phobia.
At the linka linkacabana.
Finally, creating a welcoming place for visitors. Remember, every time you share the link list on Twitter or Facebook, an angel gets its wings. Paul Wilkinson
Welcome or Warning?
Your church facility is sending a message—here's a way to decipher what it's saying.
For example, a fellowship space designed as a welcoming "hang-out" place for adults will also work Visitors are looking for a place to connect and belong—that's why they're coming to
Working well and working big are not necessarily the same thing.
is to walk church members through their building as if they were first-time visitors. The unwritten "signs" around the building may say a lot more than any welcoming committee ever does
The Velcro Church
How to help new adherents adhere—here.
to give these visitors a feeling that they were noticed and appreciated. A staff member processes these names on Monday and Tuesday. He makes an initial phone call, welcoming the
My First Sunday in Your Church
It involves intentionally setting aside natural habits to show genuine caring. It involves welcoming your visitors in the same way that Christ would: with open hearts.
Double-Digit Churches
The unique struggles and joys of pastoring a congregation of less than a hundred.
Even though members might think they're welcoming visitors, the slightest hesitation, any subconscious reluctance will be communicated, and newcomers will know they're not really
A Leadership Forum
Hospitality is welcoming, helping people feel at home among us. Visitors also receive a phone call from one of the priests who arranges for a lay visiting team (usually a family) to call on
Maintaining Momentum
well. In addition, our pastoral staff has taken the lead at personally welcoming newcomers. performer. Worse, visitors get the same attention everyone else gets.
Helping Guests Feel at Home
5 churches' bright ideas for a warmer welcome.
Our welcoming strategy begins before a person ever attends a service and extends well after they When visitors enter the building, they find a Welcome Center staffed by friendly, helpful
An Army of Ones
Does diversity in the church work?
For many years I have seen churches welcoming visitors of other races, but have been disappointed by the few Christians actually crossing barriers.
A church in Hot Springs, Arkansas, asked me to design a building that would include a library, a bride's room, a counseling room, and a lounge area for welcoming visitors.
For Her Eyes Only
Many visitors enter the church looking only for God's love. But no flaws in our facilities or holes in our programing will keep people away if God's welcoming love is warmly demonstrated
An Evangelistic Installation Service? How welcoming a new pastor can welcome newcomers. St. Within six months, 35 of the visitors joined the church.
What can you accomplish that first year of a pastorate?
of the church building, transforming it from a rather dark, foreboding appearance to a clean, welcoming one. I wanted to show our visitors we weren't a church that just tries to get by, but
Getting adults excited about missions
his or her willingness to impart a vision for missions, and the commitment of the visitors not to During the brief welcoming visit, the team expresses the church's desire to minister to the
Is Growth a Decision?
The sea lion is the most popular resident of the Galapagos, gregarious and graceful, welcoming and sportive, engaged in full-time play. Visitors joke that when they come back they
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