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Calvin Miller's Legacy
A friend of the late writer pays tribute.
Deron Spoo is the lead pastor at First Baptist Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Calvin Miller served as a contributing editor for Leadership Journal. As we
Calvin Miller's Legacy
A friend of the late writer pays tribute.
Growing Edge
I'm trying to move preachers away from the three-point-alliterated-outline approach. While it may work among some listeners, it is not a biblical model
I promised myself that if Bill One ever crammed a cassette of Rachmaninoff's Concerto into the tape deck, I'd do my best to hum a few bars. -Calvin Miller. Westside Baptist Church.
Are all the forms he is suggesting biblical? "Any sermon is a biblical sermon if it confronts the hearers with an accurate interpretation of the biblical revelation
It's not easy to keep the music going when all eyes are on first chair.
music. Calvin Miller is pastor of Westside Baptist Church, Omaha, Nebraska. Copyright © 1986 by the author or Christianity Today/Leadership Journal.
We think of Martin Luther, John Calvin, Ulrich Zwingli A second powerful chapter is "Prayer and Evangelism" by C. John Miller, pastor of the New Life Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia
Best Titles for Sermons
Calvin Miller and Rick Warren on how to select a great name for a great message.
Calvin Miller is professor of communications and ministry studies, and writer-in-residence at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth, Texas.
Leader's Insight: Parting Words for Worshipers
And other gleanings from the MacDonald Files.
Calvin Miller has a wonderful, new meditative book, A Hunger for the Holy (Howard Press) that broods on various Psalms. Near the book's beginning is this Calvin Miller poem.
Dropping the Mask
When I blow it, I let my church know it. And they respect me for it.
Our struggles and temptations should be acknowledged, even confessed, but not detailed. Calvin Miller says, "I really believe that our own suffering makes our sermons very authentic.
When a church grows, the pastor has to change, too.
Especially for the pastor. Calvin Miller is pastor of Westside Baptist Church in Omaha, Nebraska. Copyright © 1987 by the author or Christianity Today/Leadership Journal.
Long and Doug McMurry (Zondervan, 1999); The Unchained Soul by Calvin Miller (Bethany House, 1998); A Life of Prayer by St. Teresa of Avila, ed. by
In three chapters on the Word as art, craft, and reputation, Miller tackles issues such as balancing a sermon's zeal and artistry. He acknowledges the
Zeal vs. Art: The Preacher's Dilemma
No Time to Waste. From John the Baptist to the end of the New Testament era, the sermon, like the church itself, flamed with apocalyptic zeal. The prophets
Patience for Soreheads
In a recent Leadership article, Calvin Miller, former pastor and writer-in-residence at Southwestern Baptist Seminary, recalled the time someone preached a message in seminary
Messengers of God
Nobody makes a better case for narrative preaching, while acknowledging our resistances and hesitations, than Calvin Miller in these deft and sparkling pages.
A Strategy for Suburbanites
This exhibitionist, loin-cloth secularian has remained for me a symbol: handsome, self-confident, complete in himself—living between the TV control and suburban good times.
An interview with Calvin Miller
I've gained a lot of flexibility over the years, thank goodness, but I still believe in writing sermons. Great things happen in terms of phrasing, tightness, and clarity.
Screwtape's Strategies for Pastors
My Dear Wormwood: Concerning your correspondence about your new assignment, you are correct: preachers must never do anything they can get caught at.
Growing Edge
Southern Baptist Calvin Miller, on the other hand, provides a philosophy of preaching sprinkled with practical ideas in Spirit, Word, and Story: A Philosophy of Marketplace Preaching
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