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When the Cowboy Walked Away
What I learned when the man I discipled rejected me.
I accepted that I would not have his favor. Charles Swindoll writes, "God says there is a 'time to shun embracing' ( Ecclesiastes 3:5) just as there are times to embrace.
When a Child Strays
Adam, accountable. As pastor Charles Swindoll has said, "There's been only one perfect Father, and even he has a lot of wayward kids.". "We've known
But even more, we need the Virginias who won't allow rigidity to rule the roost. -Charles R. Swindoll. First Evangelical Free Church. Fullerton, California.
A Leadership Forum
Swindoll: The reason for that is that the ministry is a character profession. Swindoll: Using the words without reproach and blameless is a pretty sweeping way to start that list.
Double-Digit Churches
The unique struggles and joys of pastoring a congregation of less than a hundred.
Our week-night Bible study of Romans had maybe fifteen regular attenders. It didn't seem like much, but one of them was a fellow named Charles Swindoll.
A Leadership Forum
changing. Swindoll: I've seen a few enormous conflicts between Christians. intimate. Swindoll: The power is God's; it's not in the number of those praying.
Bringing Yourself into the Pulpit
One of the engaging things about Pastor Charles Swindoll is that in the midst of preaching, he can throw back his head and laugh. He brings himself
The Pastor's Relationship with the Board
What a pastor can do to grow the relationship.
Charles R. Swindoll; Leadership Handbooks of Practical Theology, Volume 3, Leadership and Administration; The Pastor's relationship with the Board; pp 332-333.
Keys to Congregational Singing
In worship, our most important choir is in the pews.
worship. It's a joy for me to work with a pastor like Chuck Swindoll, a gifted communicator who also has a deep love and respect for the ministry of music.
Let the thing be simplified. -Charles Swindoll. Leadership Spring 1983 p. 61-1. Copyright © 1983 by the author or Christianity Today/Leadership Journal.
How to Declare the Gospel
Always beware, however, of the man who abounds in eloquent nonsense, especially if the hearer is pleased with worthless oratory and thinks that because the speaker is eloquent what
From Preaching to Communicating
Speakers such as Chuck Swindoll, Dick Halverson, James Dobson, Howard Hendricks, and Charles Colson consistently rate high on religious radio surveys.
Article Summaries
Chuck Swindoll describes a person who modeled ministry for him. Minister Charles Yarborough offers realistic help for churches facing impossible odds.
Pastor Charles Swindoll will be taking the church staff to a celebration dinner at our expense. Thanks, Fullerton Free Church, for such a great name.
Three Traits of a Leader
How do you find your niche, that area in which you can become competent? You shouldn't listen to Charles Swindoll and say, "I'm going to be like him," if you don't have his abilities.
Pointing Toward Maturity
I attended First Evangelical Free Church in Fullerton, California, a few weeks ago on a Sunday when Charles Swindoll did not speak. I was impressed
Temptations of Ministry: Improving Your Reserve
An Interview with Charles Swindoll
How do you feel about Chuck Swindoll, the humble, no-name kid from El Campo, Texas, who finds himself here in Orange County before thousands of people scrambling to find a
Quality interaction is the grease that keeps the wheels turning.
Charles R. Swindoll is pastor of First Evangelical Free Church in Fullerton, California. Copyright © 1986 by the author or Christianity Today/Leadership Journal.
I Can't See Any Progress
Charles R. Swindoll, The Quest for Character (Portland, Ore.: Multnomah, 1987). Oswald Chambers, My Utmost for His Highest (New York: Dodd, Mead & Company, 1935), 223.
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