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How I Found a Support Network
5 ways I formed a group of women leaders around me - Article
leaders—both male and female—are subject to a construct called “power distance.” This means that most members of the general congregation view those in authority as special or
Make Criticism Your Friend
Change your perspective, and criticism can actually propel you forward in God’s mission. - Article
of line? What if this someone has authority over you and their subjective opinion becomes the standard when your advancement is concerned? I remember
When Others Question Your Leadership
Parents in my children’s ministry questioned my authority because I wasn’t a mom. - Article
When Others Question Your Leadership. Parents in my children's ministry questioned my authority because I wasn't a mom. Read as Single PagePage
My Place in the Pulpit
Approaching that giant piece of furniture shook loose all my insecurities, doubts, and fears. - Article
was that of presumption. Who am I to stand here? Who am I to assume the mantle of authority attached to this strange piece of furniture? Who am I to
Does Your Church Have the Right Model?
How to decide.
You would run a franchise and benefit from their tried-and-true systems. Like guard rails on an overpass, authority structures help pastors stick to the vision and values they hold dear.
Is the Church Fax Machine Still Needed?
How fax technology has changed, and what this means for churches. - Article
faxes. Many churches say they still need to maintain analog fax lines because their bank or some other authority requires them to use fax technology.
The True Source of Our Authority
We can’t depend on our education, willpower, or gifts. - Article
The True Source of Our Authority. We can't depend on our education, willpower, or gifts. Read as Single PagePage 1 of 3. 0; tweet; email; print. “Study Scripture. The Anchor for Authority.
It's Time For A Church Transition: Should The Pastor Leave? Hand Off? Or Reboot?
No church should be so reliant on one person that it’s at risk of collapse when that person leaves. Even if that person is the pastor.
Pivot: A Blog by Karl Vaters - Article
(All of these assume that you're in a church tradition that gives pastors a choice about where to serve instead of being assigned by an ecclesiastical authority.). Leave If…
Discipline Not Defamation • Coffee Shop Denied Exemption • Inoperable Church: News Roundup
This week’s headlines that affect churches and church leaders. - Article
Church Finance covers all things church income, donations, funding, and more. Ohio Woman Improperly Claimed Authority of Inoperable Church. “The
Communicate to Both Women and Men
Should we change our delivery so we’ll be heard? - Article
ground, even from a young age. Men, on the other hand, more often use communication to compete, to assert their authority. Whether these traits are inborn
How to Lead Dominating Male Leaders
Three things I’ve learned as I’ve led dominant men - Article
This makes them a challenge to lead. One of their biggest weaknesses is that “they tend to overstep authority, as they prefer to be in charge themselves.
Pastor or Director: Does Title Matter?
An honest look at what our titles communicate - Article
Sometimes congregants will even reject a director's authority and go over her head because they want to talk to a “pastor” who is presumed more capable simply because of his title.
Ministry Shouldn’t Hurt
What to do when the church starts acting like an abusive boyfriend - Article
a woman who was attempting to run a leadership meeting but couldn't get through the meeting because a hostile trustee openly and aggressively undermined her authority as pastor.
Leadership Without a Title
We can learn from the influential life of Sarah Edwards. - Article
times, they outright resented him. Sarah was restricted from holding any position of authority in the church because of her sex. Yet, she managed to develop
I’m Rare: I Haven’t Been Harassed Because I’m a Woman
But I have complicated feelings about that. - Article
In my physical appearance I have the advantage of being just "feminine" enough. I'm petite and spritely, just about the opposite of someone you might picture trying to usurp authority.
Why Churches Lose Their Way
Joe Thorn discusses how congregations can rediscover the biblical basis of who they are and what they’re called to do.
the neighborhood. We equip them as much as we can, and then send them out. We're in a culture that's highly suspicious of religious authority. Yet in
Fraud Prevention • Six-Month Plans • Clear Coaching: Management Roundup
Trends, tips, ideas, and stats to help church leaders manage well this week. - Article
following roles: authorization of cash disbursements, custody or control over cash (including the handling of offerings by two unrelated individuals and the signatory authority over bank
When a Leader Doesn’t Know She’s a Leader
How to develop and encourage the emerging leaders around you - Article
Some of the best leaders I know were overlooked because they had a problem with authority or asked uncomfortable questions or tripped over their own tongues.
Malestrom: Manhood Swept into the Currents of a Changing World
A Book Review - Article
God's plan is presented in Genesis 1, where it is clear that both men and women are created in the image or likeness of God, with the authority to cultivate or cause all things on earth to
Andy Crouch: Authority and Vulnerability
Ideal image-bearing is a balance of authority and vulnerability.
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