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Mean Girls in the Church
How to become women who embolden rather than undermine - Article
Several years ago I endeavored to write a Bible study on the Sermon on the Mount for several hundred women. The Bible study was a labor of love, passion, and joy.
Take Delight in Your Passions
The story of Juana Ines de la Cruz reminds us that God instills passions within us that he can use for his glory. - Article
My Bible teachers never read us the tale of Juana Ines de la Cruz, the feisty Mexican girl her to dress me in men's clothes,” she writes, “so that I could enter the University and study.”.
Make an Appointment with Your Heavenly Doctor
As we lead others, we can’t overlook our own need for God’s healing. - Article
6). The Bible teaches us it is impossible to please God without faith. As pain. We have received instruction: “Study this Book of Instruction continually. Meditate
Lead from Where You Are
Give to others from your own walk with God. - Article
Finish the leadership team agenda. Start Bible study outline. I was supposed to teach Bible study the next day, but instead of typing, I sat there tired, depleted, with nothing to share.
How to Make the Bible Central in Small Groups
And the shift in leader training that makes all the difference. - Article
Plus, each week we train on a topic: inductive Bible study, how to create questions, stages of group life, cultivation of group prayer, service opportunities, and more.
The Surprising Reason Women Go to Seminary
And what it can teach churches about discipling women. - Article
Christian women want to study the Bible, learn the languages, and better understand theology. I know this shouldn't be surprising. Of course seminary students want to study the Bible.
Reaching a New Generation with the Bible
We can no longer depend on methods that worked 20 years ago.
Bible Hub, an online Bible study resource, boasts that 33 percent of its page views and unique visitors each month come from the 18–34 age group.
Is Your Church Healthy for People with Mental Illness?
3 ways your congregation can embrace those with mental disorders.
One middle-aged man struggled with depression since his college years. He struggled through a successful business career while being active as a Bible study leader.
Pastoring in the Age of Celebrity
How famous Bible teachers impact local Bible study.
Pastoring in the Age of Celebrity. How famous Bible teachers impact local Bible study. “Their books become part of Bible study; they are quoted from memory.
Straight to the Source
Seminaries teach a simple method for studying the Bible that we can all use to study the Bible ourselves. - Article
Fortunately, my husband's mission put out a book called Pathways Bible Study Method, which gave me a helpful framework as I started to look for ways to make this idea transferrable in
The Most Important Thing to Do When You Start with a New Team
Don’t skip this critical first step. - Article
Maybe you're leading a small group in your home or a women's Bible study at church. Maybe you're heading up a committee or organizing an event.
5 Passages Your Pastor Wishes You'd Stop Taking out of Context
How we get them wrong and what church leaders can do about it.
John Koessler, professor and chair of pastoral studies at Moody Bible Institute, is all too familiar with scenarios like this. “I find that people tend to be one
How to Teach the Bible So Others Understand
Whether you’re teaching about God’s love or sovereignty, these four steps will prepare you to teach. - Article
you?” It was my friend Lisa, and she was preparing to teach a message to a large women's study. I was getting a front row seat to my friend's growing calling as a Bible teacher, and I
How to Woo People into God's Story
Step down from the stage and guide them in the learning experience.
Are folks in your congregation chomping at the bit to know God's story—the Bible? Develop Wooing Strategies. So how do we woo the people in our churches into Bible engagement?
13 Tips for Women Church Planters
Beyond where to plant and what strategy to use - Article
Too often, pastors use Bible study for sermon preparation and not personal enrichment. It's important that shepherds feed themselves before the sheep are fed.
6 Leadership Lessons I've Learned from Millennials
As I'm learning from Millennials, I'm finding hope for the future. - Article
I'm guessing it's got something to do with the 2010 Pew study that showed Millennials My husband's role as a Bible college professor and my own role leading a campus ministry church
What Your Pastor Really Wants for Christmas
This year, forego the gift cards and get them something they’ll really appreciate.
This Christmas, forego the wooden praying hands, the cross-stitched Bible verses, and the good coffee can provide these elements for morning devotions, daily study, and preparation
The Pastoral Skill We Must Reclaim
Author Paul Pastor talks Christian formation in the Information Age.
I'm not saying those efforts are fruitless, but the Bible again and again invites us to take a different approach. Read it, breath it, eat it, drink it, love the Bible.
Charleston and the Resilience of Wednesday Night Church
A year later, the mid-week prayer meeting is more important than ever.
“In that way, prayer meeting and Bible study became the bedrock of our church. Sunday time. This allowed for mid-week Bible study and corporate prayer.
Guard Your Study Time with a Blowtorch
…and other strategies for becoming a Pastor Theologian.
realizes it or not, is a steady diet of rich theology, prayer, and Bible reading. Theological study isn't something a pastor fits into his schedule when he's completed his pastoral duties; it is
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