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Making the Leap from Marketplace to Ministry
Five truths to keep in mind when God calls you to a big career change - Article
Making the Leap from Marketplace to Ministry. Five truths to keep in mind when God calls you to a big career change. Read as Single PagePage 1 of 4. Image: iStock. 0; tweet; email; print
Planning a Pastor’s Retirement
Join our free webinar and learn key strategies. - Article
nearly enough. Without a retirement plan, a pastor will likely face substantial financial challenges when his or her career comes to a close. According
Personal Branding, Platform, and Pride-Management
Promoting the message of Christ―rather than ourselves. - Article
and the occasional email. As I continued in my career― and technology advanced―my correspondence with students transformed. Now, there are countless
From Performer to Pastor
An interview with gospel singer—and pastor—CeCe Winans Love - Article
CeCe Winans Love is known for many roles. With her family, especially her brother BeBe, she was a longtime fixture in Gospel music before launching a solo career.
Use Your Strength to Serve Others
How to gracefully embrace your role as the strongest person in the room - Article
strength. Also, I was young. I was early in my career, and I had only a dim understanding of my leadership gift and the potential strength of my voice. I
Ladies Who Lunch—with Men
Do your coworkers follow the Billy Graham Rule? - Article
Ladies Who Lunch—with Men. Do your coworkers follow the Billy Graham Rule? Read as Single PagePage 1 of 3. 0; tweet; email; print. Four months into
Did I Hear God Right?
Just because you feel like a failure doesn’t mean you weren’t called by God. - Article
After my amazing experience, I longed to be a full-time missionary. When the timing seemed right, I left my career, sold my car, gave away most of my possessions, and moved to Ghana.
Sexual Addiction Destroyed My Pastorate
Exposing the truth was just the first step to redemption.
I was in a deep depression and barely able to function. Having struggled with depression since 1986, I was no stranger to its horror, but this was the
Take Ownership of Your Development
Women are often overlooked for leadership development. Take matters into your own hands. - Article
Read as Single PagePage 1 of 3. 0; tweet; email; print. I was blessed in the early days of my career to work for some strong, incredibly competent leaders.
Bring Your Full Self to the Table
When we allow God to use our full identity, amazing ministry can follow. - Article
life.”. So Kang left a career in higher education, quit pursuing a master's degree in intercultural relations, and turned down a corporate job offer. Serving
Rise Above the Double Standard
Women leaders are forced to find an impossible golden mean between too much and not enough. - Article
they weigh. But it's also a culture that tells us we can have it all—and then chastises us for either being too career-focused or a stay-at-home mom. We
What Simone Biles Is Teaching Me about Innovation
Throwing out the old scorecard has changed gymnastics—and it can change your ministry. - Article
point. I sat on the edge of my seat as Kerri Strug heroically vaulted, injuring herself, and ending her gymnastics career—all in the name of teamwork.
When a Minister Can't Manage
Ways for church leaders to respond. - Article
God doesn't always lay out a career path when he calls people, so we need to cut them some slack. Church leadership should find ways to ease their transition into management by:
How to Figure Out Your Calling
Amy Orr-Ewing says it takes a combination of being proactive and listening for God’s leading. - Article
If I didn't, I'd go into law and weave apologetics into that career.” When she did indeed earn first class, she became confident in her calling to apologetics, even turning down a job at a
8 Guidelines for Ministering to Men
A nuanced alternative to the Billy Graham Rule that views men—and ourselves—first as being in the image of God. - Article
practice among male Christian leaders of avoiding being alone with women in any situation so as not to suggest the appearance of infidelity—often causes career marginalization for
Tracking Benefit Hours • Inheriting a Team • Watching Eye Contact: Management Roundup
Trends, tips, ideas, and stats to help church leaders manage well this week. - Article
Liane Davey). 4. Moderate your eye contact. "It's not fair, but when you start to progress in your career, your moves come under scrutiny. And you could
5 Common Security Questions Churches Ask
And answers to them. - Article
volunteer in other areas of ministry. In fact, many church members would like to combine their career experience with ministry. In the case of an emergency
The Busy Pastor’s Guide to Inbox Shalom
A clear email inbox is a ministry aid. Here’s how to get (and stay) there.
Maintain Inbox Shalom. Congratulations! You're at Inbox Zero. How do you stay there? Here are three ways to maintain Inbox Shalom. 1. Understand what email is.
5 Ways to Build Confidence
Don’t miss these opportunities to develop talent in those you lead.
for a nearby college, writes as a senior editor for Christianity Today and worked full time for ten years in leadership at Willow Creek Community Church following a corporate career.
The Success Affair
Why do so many adulterous relationships begin when ministry is going well?
3. Pastors themselves think they are doingfine. Because of the results they are seeing, pastors may sell their own soul a piece at a time for the sake of success.
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