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Ally or Adversary?
Relationships between female leaders are often marked by competition and contempt. It doesn't have to be this way. - Article
mentorship and support. The woman in charge, whom I considered a friend, said she had concerns about my character and intent. She reluctantly let
Disillusioned by the Church
When organizational culture makes you wonder if you belong - Article
The church's written core values clearly stated the organization expected staff to have “proven character and proven ministry.” Yet here was Peter, assembling a superior product on the
Make Criticism Your Friend
Change your perspective, and criticism can actually propel you forward in God’s mission. - Article
Criticism was helpful to our work, not a personal attack on our character. It didn't matter whether the giver of the criticism intended for it to be constructive or not.
When It’s Time to Quit
“Finish what you start” isn’t always good advice. - Article
t be a quitter.” and “Finish what you start.” These commands served as a means of encouragement and motivation for academic performance, athletic prowess, and character building.
Motherhood Changed My Image of God
When my understanding of God changed, so did my leadership. - Article
Our assessments about God's character—even if they're false—form the foundation from which we build our self-identity and determine how we relate to God, others, and the world.
The Vulnerable Act of Public Speaking
Find your voice—and keep it. - Article
What you have to say, how you say it, your vocabulary, your accent, your intonation, when you speak up, and when you don't reveal your identity and your character.
Confessions of a Former ‘It’ Church Pastor
We were the hottest church in our area. Then everything imploded.
I decided that, if our numbers couldn't grow, our character would—starting with me. I wanted to quit. I decided that, if our numbers couldn't grow, our character would—starting with me.
God Calls All Women
But we don’t all have the same calling. - Article
faith journeys. A godly mentor models Christ's character, while calling us to completely surrender our will and desires to God's will for our lives. God is
7 Keys to a Smooth Church Transition
How to make major changes without alienating your congregation.
2. Prepare for change. Plunging into a transformative effort requires thoughtful preparation. Organizations that intentionally map out the desired outcome
Lead Like Your Introversion Is a Strength
Because it is! - Article
extended time surrounded by people. I thought (and was sometimes indirectly given the message) that this was a character flaw on my part. It took me years
Expelled Student Sues • Priest Embezzles $500,000 • Thieves Steal Gift Cards: News Roundup
This week’s headlines that affect churches and church leaders. - Article
The causes of action include breach of contract, defamation of character, as well as negligence and intentional infliction of emotional distress” (“Suit alleges false rumor against teen led
140 Character Faith
And other items from around the web.
How Much Should I Put in the Offering? - What separates this from many other online articles on what to put in the collection plate is that it appeared
How to Woo People into God's Story
Step down from the stage and guide them in the learning experience.
God is a master potter (Is. 29:16; Jer. 18:6; Rom. 9:20–24). He and only he, through the Holy Spirit, fashions people into the character of his Son. That relieves the pressure on me.
What the Oppressed Can Teach Us About the Bible
The way I read and lead has changed forever. - Article
Check out Half the Sky for more.). Imagining how Dina and others like her would read such passages has challenged my understanding of God's character.
The Success Affair
Why do so many adulterous relationships begin when ministry is going well?
And where can I get a healthy perspective on this? Question your readiness for success: Am I ready for this level of responsibility? Is my influence surpassing my character?
Raising Missions Support • Mentoring Breeds Succession • Making Vacation Time Count: Management Roundup
Trends, tips, ideas, and stats to help church leaders manage well this week. - Article
I remember when we added a 30-year-old man to our elder board. We had some animated discussion about it. … But we knew him, his character, and his heart.
Why Avoid Talking about Gender?
It’s more important than our discomfort - Article
Since we are created in God's image, gender reveals a component, or essence, of his character. But strength is not simply a male character trait. It's part of God's nature.
Leave Me Alone So I Can Do Ministry!
When productivity replaces hospitality, we miss the point of pastoring.
Perhaps the most dangerous temptations through which an inhospitable spirit takes root in my heart are the simplest, the most human: impatience, defensiveness, pride, and fear.
We Are Called to Desire (Part 2)
4 unexpected gifts that come with wanting - Article
But when we tell God honestly what we want, we have the chance to declare something about his character: that he is good. Desire can build a bold intimacy with our Father in heaven.
We Are Called to Desire (Part 1)
4 unfounded fears that come with wanting - Article
The trouble, according to James, wasn't that these people had indulged the act of wanting. The compromise came with the character and content of their wanting.
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