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When You're a Pastor Who Suffers from Depression
What the story of Elijah (and psychological research) tells us about how to cope.
Where was God in the mess Elijah was experiencing? No word from on high to the weary, depressed prophet of God. With divine silence ringing in his
Eliminate Christian Jargon from Your Church
Let’s throw out the insider language.
over the crowd” (Luke 19:3). In their pursuit of Jesus, the crowd blocked Zacchaeus (and maybe others) from seeing and experiencing Jesus “God laid it on my heart to tell you something
The Pastoral Skill We Must Reclaim
Author Paul Pastor talks Christian formation in the Information Age.
God cannot be known in the past,” he writes. “He cannot be known in the future. The Listening Day is a 90-day devotional written to help readers listen to God's voice.
Female Insights into the Christmas Story
Women bring unique perspectives when they teach the Word of God. - Article
Women bring unique perspectives when they teach the Word of God. I prepared for the sermon, I was amazed at how differently I read the passage after experiencing pregnancy and
3 Ways to Make Your Church a Healthier Place to Work
Is your staff experiencing a spiritual crisis right under your nose?
A staff member experiencing a crisis of faith or struggling with behaviors inconsistent with the several occasions.” A third wrote, “I've learned so much about talking with God and looking
Recalibrate: 10 Steps Every Church Must Take This Year, Or Be Dead In A Decade
Everything but Jesus and the Bible must be on the table.
Pivot: A Blog by Karl Vaters - Article
church. The culture around us is experiencing a once-in- a-millennium shift right now. time. Ideal #1: Stand strong on the unchanging principles of God's Word.
How to Steward Your Ministry Well
What does it look like to invest in the resources God has entrusted to you? - Article
faith, we are accountable as stewards on behalf of two different owners: (1) God, who created to the challenge, but the third allowed fear to hold him back from experiencing his greatest
CT Pastors’ Hidden Gems of 2017
In case you missed them, here are 10 of our editors’ favorite articles from the past year.
Invite God into Your Planning Meetings. Put the ministry back in your administration. By Mandy Smith. 3 Ways to Make Your Church a Healthier Place to Work. Is your staff experiencing a
Your Church Can Be a Refuge
4 steps to provide a calm, safe harbor of connection.
to write out the Word of God by hand to focus their minds on God's Word. temporal, knowing that while speed might be exhilarating, it keeps you from seeing and experiencing as much.
Why the Next Great Move of God Will Make Church People Uncomfortable
How will we know when the next great move of God happens? Because it will be felt outside the church, too.
Pivot: A Blog by Karl Vaters - Article
Church & CultureMay 25, 2016. Why the Next Great Move of God Will Make Church People Uncomfortable A God Thing Coming. There's a God thing nagging at the back of my brain.
Slay the Beast of Ambition before It Slays You
3 ministry proverbs to quell competition and cultivate humility.
Tell your church often about what God is doing elsewhere. shoulder in community with others through challenging times because the difficulties and pain we are experiencing mask the
Using Your Head, Igniting Your Heart
Teaching others to love God’s Word - Article
What this woman was experiencing was a gap between how she felt I was experiencing the Bible that conversation, I've found myself eager to impart not just truth from God's Word but
The Road to Emotional Health
How transforming your unhealthy interior transforms your leadership.
I wanted to be content in God, to do ministry in the unhurried pace of Jesus. I was now the “cursing pastor.” I did not have a theology for what I was experiencing.
Temptations in Ministry
Sinful behavior may be visible, but the source of that behavior is beneath the surface.
Kari and I led a denominational conference for pastors on experiencing God's love. We could tell many in attendance were being impacted through their
7 Keys to a Smooth Church Transition
How to make major changes without alienating your congregation.
He simply prayed that God would show him how to love the people of his Remember, individuals experiencing transition will go through an emotional process, from loss and grief, to
Inside the Church Building of 2017
What's hot, what's next, and what needs to die.
Today, though, churchgoers, and especially Millennials, prefer a less-produced worship experience, and they crave nature as a means for experiencing God.
Say Goodbye to Leadership Overload
And say hello to the right priorities - Article
Jethro said it to Moses in Exodus 18. God said it to me at a time when I was experiencing major leadership overload. “You're going to wear yourself out—and the people, too.
The Spirituality of Slowing Down and Shutting Up
How do you connect with God in a society of perpetual noise and busyness?
The momentum is building and more people are seeing the power and beauty of shutting up and experiencing God. But, yes, we get some resistance.
My Journey Into Spiritual Direction
Recognizing God's work in your life usually requires a guide.
I can drift away from God when experiencing things others consider positive. I may even experience consolation during difficulty such as grief or loss.
Do We Need A Broader Definition Of Church Growth?
Any definition of church growth that doesn’t allow for, even celebrate, churches that contribute in non-numerical ways is incomplete.
Pivot: A Blog by Karl Vaters - Article
ministries, a bigger crowd was actually counterproductive to the way God designed them to only contribution that we acknowledge, then any church not experiencing constant numerical
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