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Reaching a New Generation with the Bible
We can no longer depend on methods that worked 20 years ago.
This new generation interacts with the world very differently from previous generations, and that has spilled over into how they interact with the Bible.
From Performer to Pastor
An interview with gospel singer—and pastor—CeCe Winans Love - Article
Now she's a ten-time Grammy Award winner, a wife, a mother, a friend to many, a TV personality, a book author, the subject of a documentary, and a voice of inspiration to generations.
Grandma Didn't Go To Church: 9 Ways First-Generation Christians Are Making Me A Better Pastor
How do you pastor people when they're not just the only believers in their family, they’re the first Christian in generations?
Pivot: A Blog by Karl Vaters - Article
How do you pastor people when they're not just the only believers in their family, they're the first Christian in generations? Church & CultureMay 16, 2017.
Bravely Live Out Your Calling
Joan of Arc is a prophetic witness for us all. - Article
Charles. Jehanne, or, as she is now known, Joan of Arc, radically impacted European history and has inspired men, women, and children for generations.
2 Major Changes in Churches
Adapting to new trends in giving and trust. - Article
As an example, in my parents' and grandparents' generations there was no faster way to get people to give than to launch a church building program. Not today.
God Calls All Women
But we don’t all have the same calling. - Article
and stages of life, from different backgrounds and cultures. His kingdom purposes transcend generations. His will is big enough to include young girls
Real Church Growth Doesn’t Just Make Bigger Churches, It Heals Hurting Ones
It’s hard to say we love the church when we ignore, discourage or belittle its weakest members.
Pivot: A Blog by Karl Vaters - Article
churches of all sizes. The ones being planted, the ones that have existed for generations, and the ones that are hanging on for dear life. It's hard to say
Pastoral Transition: Setting Your Church Up For Ministry Success After You're Gone
The church was here long before us, and it will be here long after us. Let's leave it better for the next pastor.
Pivot: A Blog by Karl Vaters - Article
But in certain ways, we need to be thinking even longer than that. Set the church up for successful, kingdom-building ministry for generations of long-term pastorates.
Troublesome Women Preachers
We join a long legacy of prophetic witness to the gospel. - Article
I am nobody. There is that troublesome glass ceiling that women have been hurling stones at for generations. But that pesky glass is strong and hard to crack.
Where Were You When It Happened?
Helping when mass tragedy strikes your congregation - Article
email; print. For the past century, and arguably longer, generations have self-identified with their own answer to this question. Where were you when Kennedy was assassinated?
Adapt, Adjust And Diversify: Some Of Our Differences Make The Church Stronger
As long as the center holds, our differences won’t make the church weaker. They’re an essential element for making us stronger.
Pivot: A Blog by Karl Vaters - Article
And it will be one of our greatest tools for the survival and the strength of the church in coming generations. The Strength of Diversifying. The church will never die.
How to Woo People into God's Story
Step down from the stage and guide them in the learning experience.
people to be spiritually formed. Sage on the Stage. For generations, the unspoken mantra in a classroom has been “I talk; you listen. I teach; you learn
We Can Whine About the New Generation or Worship with Them – But We Can’t Do Both
We need to remember how devalued we felt when previous generations told us our music was too loud, our clothing was silly and our questions were inappropriate.
Pivot: A Blog by Karl Vaters - Article
We need to remember how devalued we felt when previous generations told us our music was too loud, our clothing was silly and our questions were inappropriate.
Why I’m Not Worried About The Future Of The Church – Or The Church Of The Future
Churches that adapt their methods to advance Jesus’ mission will struggle, but survive and thrive.
Pivot: A Blog by Karl Vaters - Article
It's just changing. The church of the next generation will not look like it does today. Or like it has for generations. I have no idea what the church of the future will look like.
Say Goodbye to Leadership Overload
And say hello to the right priorities - Article
Moses had lived for decades on the back side of the desert. Now he led a people who had been slaves for generations. They had no clue how to govern themselves or to do God's will.
Leaders and Lederhosen
Rediscovering the power of local Christian traditions
appearance. That sometimes, a wise and tested function follows their form, perfected over generations. rightly. We make the traditions for generations that will follow.
Why Churches Lose Their Way
Joe Thorn discusses how congregations can rediscover the biblical basis of who they are and what they’re called to do.
It is where all the means of grace are brought together in the most powerful form. The church gathered, all generations, all ethnicities, we're one people. For me, it's the most important.
No Turning Back
Like Daniel, follow God regardless of who’s following you - Article
For generations, our church culture has elevated leaders, counting them higher than the “average” person, determining each leader's level of eminence by the number of followers he or
Engaging Women and Men in Worship
A balanced approach to planning - Article
or Tina Fey, brains exploding like the writers at SNL: “Somebody order a pizza!” But mostly we wonder how it is that the grace of God keeps slipping past our generations unnoticed.
Preventing Teenage ‘Faith Drift’
Our research underscores the crucial role of intergenerational relationships.
In our study of 500 youth group graduates, bringing the generations to sit shoulder to shoulder or look eye to eye was more important for long-term faith than any other youth group
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