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Ministry after the Massacre
150 days after the Orlando nightclub shooting, three pastors share how they’ve responded and what they’ve learned.
from. We know what this church believes [regarding homosexuality], but we see that your love for us is bigger than anything we could ever imagine.”.
Deep AND Wide
How we're trying to be 'a seeker church with depth.'
You get the idea. The previous summer my two study projects were homosexuality and spiritual warfare! One Summer Study and Subsequent Sermon Series on Homosexuality.
Wednesday Link List: C.S. Lewis on Homosexuality, The Dark Side of Submission, and More
Links for what ails ya'...
The names have been changed to protect both the innocent and the guilty: A tale of two pastoral transitions. We may be on a journey to eternal life, but
5 Dumb Things Christians Must Stop Saying When Evil Strikes
When people are in pain, we need to resist the urge to speak too much. Uncomfortable silence is better than false platitudes.
Pivot: A Blog by Karl Vaters - Article
When people are in pain, we need to resist the urge to speak too much. Uncomfortable silence is better than false platitudes.
Leaving My Lesbian Past
The church that walked with me away from homosexuality.
The day at church did not go the way I thought it would. I thought we would get into arguments about homosexuality. The folks at CPBC never initiated the discussion of homosexuality.
'Help, I'm Gay'
A pastoral conversation about same-sex attraction
Another thing that confuses our discussions is our equally simplistic notions about what homosexuality is. We talk about "homosexuality" as if we are
Reader's Picks: Best of 'Leadership Journal' 2013
Leaders are readers! Here are last year's most-read articles.
church.". 4: Leaving My Lesbian Past - Charlene E. Hios. "The folks at CPBC (College Park Baptist Church) never initiated the discussion of homosexuality. It
Meet Sexual Sin with Truth and Grace
How to minister to people caught in fornication - Article
This young generation's everyday life is "hell": They must deal with declining moral values, increases in broken homes, rampant acceptance of homosexuality, declining spiritually
Gay Marriage and Christian Volatility
Let's reflect on why this issue is so explosive.
When looking at the moral teachings of Jesus in the gospels, homosexuality receives zero airtime. Zero. Beyond the gospels the Bible is tepid at best as far as prioritizing homosexuality.
Controversial Verdict, Exodus Ends, and an Author’s Secret
Three recent events that matter to your ministry - Article
mutually transforming communities." The ministry, which emphasized reparative theory, or gay-to-straight conversion, as the Christian response to homosexuality, publicly apologized to
Ur Video: Piper, Homosexuality, and Idolatry
Piper says there's a lot more going on in Romans 1 than we realize.
Consistent Sexual Sacrifice
It's simple. It's radical. And it's essential to supporting church members with gay longings.
stood, so he explained his choice: "Jesus spoke clearly on divorce, and yet churches give a pass to people to get a divorce, but he didn't say a word about homosexuality, and churches
Atlanta Fire Chief Fights Back • Caught on Tape • Fire and Swastikas: News Roundup
This week's news headlines that affect churches - Article
his religious beliefs. Cochran previously made news for being fired over his religious beliefs concerning the immorality of homosexuality. A deacon in
Andy Stanley, Al Mohler, and Homosexuality
Stanley gives a sermon about tension, and Mohler refuses to live in it.
To suggest that Stanley was attempting to normalize homosexuality by not speaking of the sin of same-sex sexual acts, as Mohler suggested, is to miss the point of Stanley's sermon.
Churches Have Bullies, Too ...
The Wedding Cake Debate, Hugh Jackman as Paul, and more links for your weekend
Street Preacher Told Not to Use Certain Verses - "A street preacher has been told by a judge which Bible verse he should have used when discussing homosexuality, as he was
Same Sex Marriage Is Legal: How Pastors are Responding in this Crucial Moment
A faithful response means adopting a proper posture, not just correct doctrine.
churches. Instead of preaching about the topic of homosexuality in light of the events, he said that he will interact with his 100 members as they come to him.
When a Same-Sex Couple Asks ‘Will You Marry Us?’
However we respond, let's communicate love.
He chuckled and said, “Yep, you and my mom.”. Love leads the way. If we want others to be at ease with us, merely tolerating or ignoring their lifestyles is not the answer.
Culture Clash
An Interview with David Platt
However, if you ask the same Christian leader in the same public setting to make a statement on homosexuality or abortion, that leader will respond with either nervous hesitancy or
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