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Disillusioned by the Church
When organizational culture makes you wonder if you belong - Article
Differing interpretations or understandings of critical terms (eg, traditionally common words and phrases that are defined differently by the user, such as “team,” “missional,” “gospel,” or
Does Your Church Have the Right Model?
How to decide.
Filter 2: Missional Strategy. While practitioners may use descriptors like “missional” to distinguish their church models from multisite, that's an unfair characterization.
Pastor, Don't Neglect Your Current Members To Reach New Ones
The great churches of tomorrow will be built on the foundations that were established yesterday and affirmed today. 
Pivot: A Blog by Karl Vaters - Article
Karl Vaters. Read as Single PagePage 1 of 2. Image: Fred Johnsson | Flickr. 0; tweet; email; print. Every church needs to be more missional. More outward-reaching. More evangelistic.
Church Turnarounds Are About Direction And Consistency, Not Speed Or Size
It's called a turnaround for a reason. It's more about the direction you’re heading than the speed you’re going.
Pivot: A Blog by Karl Vaters - Article
That's my story. Almost 25 years ago, I was called to help a church turn around from a decade of numerical, emotional, spiritual and missional decline.
Sister, You Are Not a Mistake
The church needs you and your gifts. - Article
Women who have the power of Jesus to change the world believe their life can only be Pinteresting, not missional, because they're a wife or a mom. Is This All There Is?
If Your Church Is Healthy, Why Is It Still Small?
It's a valid question. I wish I had a tidy answer. But here's what I do know.
Pivot: A Blog by Karl Vaters - Article
There are a lot of churches – most churches, in fact – that stay small despite years of healthy, missional work. But I know I'm not alone. There are a lot
Missional Living in a Fraternity
What it takes to go with Jesus into unlikely parts of the world.
There are many days living in a Fraternity is a nuisance, which calls into question the logic of our missional living. But our story began long before we stepped on stage.
Missio Alliance Gathering 2015: Highlights and Reflections
A conference review - Article
and women gathered for breakfast to discuss the blessed alliance of women and men serving God together, and to contemplate the best way to equip women in missional leadership.
Clumped Christians: When Fear Overwhelms Faith
When a healthy church gathers for worship it should renew our passion to mobilize and move out in ministry.
Pivot: A Blog by Karl Vaters - Article
Historically, whenever the church of Jesus is dynamic and healthy, it grows. But healthy, missional Christians don't just clump together in larger and larger groups.
A Pastor's Dilemma: What to Do When You Can't See the Vision for Your Church
Is it okay if a pastor’s calling is to help others fulfill their calling? Or, does every church need a pastor-led vision to get behind?
Pivot: A Blog by Karl Vaters - Article
Quite the opposite. I don't know of a church with more caring, passionate, energized, missional people than the church I've been blessed to pastor for almost 25 years.
The Church Offertory: What's Trending?
7 trends worth noting as you evaluate your church offertory - Article
Typically, this statement is about how the funds are used. Members are able to see through videos or testimonies the missional impact of their gifts. 7
Why Are Church Leaders Always Talking About Change? (7 Reasons)
The alternative to change isn’t stability. It’s stubbornness. Besides, no one needs help to stay the same.
Pivot: A Blog by Karl Vaters - Article
Or an exorcism.). I'm blessed to serve a great church body. It's an amazing group of passionate, worshipful, missional servants of Jesus. But we've never gotten any of that perfectly, yet.
The Year of Fear
How do we minister amid terrorist attacks, racial violence, and the most polarized election in memory?
There are gaps to be filled, and the challenge is for you to fill them. That is the essence of the high call of spiritual leadership, of missional leadership.
Are Pastors Discarding the ‘Evangelical’ Label? We Surveyed Hundreds
Here’s what we discovered.
The evangelical movement's strength has always been its centripetal force—the power of its central theological and missional premises to unite those from drastically different Christian
Farewell Franchise Ministry
Why is megachurch pastor John Mark Comer ditching conventional church-growth wisdom? Two words: mission and millennials.
What led to the change of strategy? Learning to adopt a more missional posture. It promotes consumerism—even if it's masked behind several layers of "missional-speak.".
Is Your Church a Pipeline, Portal, or Platform?
The amount of life transformation you're seeing may depend on your answer.
repeatable, scalable, and common. Eric Swanson serves as a missional specialist with Leadership Network and as a content specialist with Gloo. He is the
Kingdom Misused
An interview with Scot McKnight, and more ...
Message and Medium. "I want to attend a conference one day about being small, authentic, and missional at a church that is small, authentic, and missional.
Missional Budgeting
Does your ministry budget reflect God’s kingdom or church enterprise? - Article
Missional Budgeting. Since, I have adopted a more missional/ kingdom mindset which has flipped my world upside down— including the way I look at budgets and finances.
Top 10 Resources for Church Planters
Essential tools for a hard calling.
7. Planting Missional Churches (Ed Stetzer and Daniel Im). This book is clear and straightforward, giving any church planter encouragement and the practical tools to succeed.
The World Needs a Better Ironing Board (Yes, This Is About the Church)
We need to introduce people to Jesus. And we need to get rid of anything that makes that task harder than it ought to be.
Pivot: A Blog by Karl Vaters - Article
We need to introduce people to Jesus. And we need to get rid of anything that makes that task harder than it ought to be.
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