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Choose to Pause and Fill Up
Pausing in a selah with Christ is the catalyst of revival, restoration, and peace. - Article
Read as Single PagePage 1 of 2. Image: Lightstock. 0; tweet; email; print. I don't often choose to rest. I've settled into discord at times, unable to rest although my heart was harried.
Sabbath Is More than Rest
Everyone wants a break and more time off, but Sabbath offers more. - Article
Sabbath Is More than Rest. Everyone wants a break and more time off, but Sabbath offers more. Read as Single PagePage 1 of 3. Image: iStock. 0; tweet; email; print.
5 Ways to Avoid Pastoral Burnout in 2018
From cleaning out your inbox, to scheduling help, to rethinking your motives, we're here to help you combat pastoral exhaustion.
Break your day into thirds. Wherever you find yourself in ministry, creating spaces of rest in your day, week, month, and year is imperative to long-term sustainability in the church.
Make an Appointment with Your Heavenly Doctor
As we lead others, we can’t overlook our own need for God’s healing. - Article
in the midst of this pain can be the most challenging obstacle any of us can face, which is why Jesus tells us, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.
Why You Should Remove Certain Reports from Your Meeting Agenda
And how to find which ones don't need to be presented. - Article
The rest of the reports should be printed for distribution at the meeting (or loaded to an internal website) so members can read them on their own time.
Your Church Can Be a Refuge
4 steps to provide a calm, safe harbor of connection.
Our people longed for a place to be rather than a space to do. 1. Model and preach rest as a value. I began by modeling rest in my own life. Let's be clear: rest is not death.
Break Your Day into Thirds
A creative way to avoid burnout in ministry - Article
in ministry. On program nights, oftentimes I would still be “going” at ten o'clock at night, so I had to learn how to rest at other times throughout the day. I
Wisconsin Federal Judge: Housing Allowance Violates Establishment Clause
What a recent ruling might mean for pastors. - Article
(The part of Section 107 which excludes the rental value of actual parsonages from being taxed is not being challenged.). Read the rest of the report here.
Four Questions to Ask When Complacency Calls
With all the politicking, protesting, and terrorizing, it’s tempting to give up the fight. - Article
for my own soul. I lift my heavy head, taking my eyes off myself and fixing them on Jesus who offers rest to the weary soul (Matthew 11:28–30). I know I
What Your Pastor Really Wants for Christmas
This year, forego the gift cards and get them something they’ll really appreciate.
Leaders training tool: Rest and Renewal for Busy Church Leaders Rest and Renewal for Busy Church Leaders Learn More. This Christmas
The 4 Great Challenges of Christian Counseling
Pastors must prepare to bear these burdens as they meet with parishioners.
“Whether that is a short sabbatical or a semi-permanent change in careers, the typical self-care strategies of rest, exercise, nutrition, healthy relationships, and spiritual renewal just don't
9 Tips for Planning a Safe VBS
How to prepare for this significant summer event. - Article
Create a calendar for the week of VBS. As you plan what will happen each day, create to-do lists and ask the rest of your volunteers to help based on your needs.
Substantiating Contributions • Stuck Ministries • Growing Others: Management Roundup
Trends, tips, ideas, and stats to help church leaders manage well this week. - Article
2. Getting a stuck ministry moving again. "A few words found in Newton's law of motion articulate an important truth: An object at rest tends to stay at rest … unless acted upon.
When You're a Pastor Who Suffers from Depression
What the story of Elijah (and psychological research) tells us about how to cope.
God knew what he was doing in offering Elijah a chance to rest and be nourished. Fortified by the simple gift of rest and food, Elijah was able to journey on to Mt. Sinai.
Sabbath-Keeping for Pastors
Making rest an indispensable part of your routine.
Sabbath-Keeping for Pastors. Making rest an indispensable part of your routine. Abram contractor. Lead your congregation (and yourself) into Sabbath rest.
Live Your Calling: A 40-Day Devotional for Women Leaders
A brand-new resource designed especially for you - Article
In this devotional, you'll be encouraged to gain clarity on your calling, focus on your identity in Christ, get the rest and care you need to be a healthy leader, lead authentically and
‘State of the Plate’ 2016 Report Sheds Light on Church Giving Trends
With only flat or declining giving, churches are "scrambling" for giving solutions. - Article
41%) did see an increase in total giving of at least 5 percent over the past year, but an almost equal number of churches (39%) said their giving had flat-lined, and the rest (20%) said
How Often Should Church Leaders Meet?
Determining the best times to set meetings. - Article
For many years, we met off-site during lunch because one or more of the volunteer staff had a punch-the-clock job several miles from the church, so the rest of us went where they were.
Church Payroll Audits • Getting Clarity • Leader Energy: Management Roundup
Trends, tips, ideas, and stats to help church leaders manage well this week. - Article
We don't watch the clock. We watch results. When staff members travel for church-related events, we want them to take a day of rest afterward. When
Did I Hear God Right?
Just because you feel like a failure doesn’t mean you weren’t called by God. - Article
My body started ailing, but I kept working—I didn't want anything to interrupt my calling. It was my hope that I would be there for the rest of my life. But
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