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8 Guidelines for Ministering to Men
A nuanced alternative to the Billy Graham Rule that views men—and ourselves—first as being in the image of God. - Article
Can women achieve more nuance in their dealings with the opposite sex than this rule offers—more willingness to respond to situations as they arise, and read circumstances with a
You Are Needed
The church—the entire body of Christ—needs women leaders. - Article
leading the flock. As a young woman, not seeing older women in leadership positions felt detrimental to my calling, my sex, and my identity. If there wasn
When You Feel Like You Can Never Do Enough
How to follow a sacrificial Savior without losing yourself in ministry - Article
when they trusted Christ. For example, I had a promiscuous friend who radically changed her sex life, and a man I knew kicked a drug habit. But I didn
The Weight of Stress in Ministry
Women are three times as likely to experience depression. - Article
The impact on our health may include high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, headaches, muscle tension or pain, chest pain, fatigue, changes in sex drive, stomach upset
My Difficult Past Makes Me a Better Leader
The very things I saw as weaknesses, I now see as strengths. - Article
I once saw my past as a liability. I thought I had the wrong upbringing, the wrong ethnicity, and even the wrong sex. But God had a different plan. Now, my sex could be added to the list.
Same-Sex Marriage: New Challenges, New Opportunities
4 Christian leaders reflect on how the Supreme Court’s ruling on marriage could affect churches.
The Loving Opposition: Jo Anne Lyon. The Supreme Court decision regarding same-sex marriage doesn't change the core mission of God, or even our strategy on living out the mission.
When a Same-Sex Couple Asks ‘Will You Marry Us?’
However we respond, let's communicate love.
He chuckled and said, “Yep, you and my mom.”. Love leads the way. If we want others to be at ease with us, merely tolerating or ignoring their lifestyles is not the answer.
Same Sex Marriage Is Legal: How Pastors are Responding in this Crucial Moment
A faithful response means adopting a proper posture, not just correct doctrine.
“You earn the right to speak by maintaining a culture of consistent sexual sacrifice,” he said, referring to situations of divorce, any sex outside of marriage, and similar issues.
Easter Is Good News for Women Leaders
Though the world tells us we don’t matter or that we’re less-than, God clearly says otherwise. - Article
Josephus said that even the witness of multiple women was not acceptable "because of the levity and boldness of their sex." Celsus, the second-century critic of Christianity, mocked the
Sister, You Are Not a Mistake
The church needs you and your gifts. - Article
conferences with men as presenters and see the only woman on stage giggle when her husband tells the crowd of thousands how much he wants to go and have sex with his wife.
Leadership Without a Title
We can learn from the influential life of Sarah Edwards. - Article
times, they outright resented him. Sarah was restricted from holding any position of authority in the church because of her sex. Yet, she managed to develop
Bathroom Bill • Sexual Assault Lawsuit • Sanctuary Church: News Roundup
This week’s headlines that affect churches and church leaders. - Article
19, was received just before a Senate committee is set to consider two measures that would restrict bathroom use in government buildings and public schools based on the sex listed on
The Habit of Keeping Divine Company
A warning against the overcrowded life - Article
A recent study on the habits of cell phone users reveals disturbing trends: • 9 percent of US adults are using their smartphones while they have sex. • 35
Consistent Sexual Sacrifice
It's simple. It's radical. And it's essential to supporting church members with gay longings.
Most of the work is here. We have all in our society taken up the worship of the two-faced god, "My Choice / My Sex." We all believe, at a primal level, I choose. I make the call.
Ministerial Exception • Tax Fraud Allegations • Church Protests Liquor Store: News Roundup
This week’s headlines that affect churches and church leaders. - Article
leader of the school and performed many religious functions to advance its religious mission'” (“2nd Circuit: Ministerial Exception Requires Dismissal of Sex Discrimination Claim By
Groomed for Abuse
Lessons learned from sex offenders.
And this barely touches on the reality of all the feelings, trauma, PTSD symptoms, and other long-term effects caused by sex offenders. Common traits of sex offenders.
In Memory of the Potluck Supper ...
The Most Important Skill Church Leaders Need, Sex Ed in Public Schools and other interesting links for the weekend
Sex Ed in Public Schools - "Christian parents would do well to lead the way through the panic and champion the teaching of age- appropriate basics about sex and reproduction and
We Are Called to Desire (Part 1)
4 unfounded fears that come with wanting - Article
When I became a Christian late in high school, I had enough history of sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll to understand that desire was the rogue member of the human personality that needed
Premenstrual Ministry
Maybe this curse is also a blessing - Article
Given that I'm still a decade or so from menopause, that's a lot of breakdowns on the horizon. I struggle with this manifestation of my gender (or, more accurately, my sex).
Food is the New Sex (Part 2)
Diet used to be a matter of personal preference and sexuality was governed by strict morality. What does that trend mean for pastors?
Millennials are a generation of hope, but I fear that false optimism about their physical existence have set them up for despair. The process of nature
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