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What a Pastoral Coach Says Pastors Need for Spiritual Self-Care
Ways to create a healthy rhythm in ministry work. - Article
coaching. She had a pastoral coach herself during her time as an executive pastor, and she has a personal history receiving spiritual direction. “I have
Making Space for Women Leaders in the Church
The day my bubble burst about women in ministry. - Article
Both of my parents are Presbyterian pastors. My father has served primarily in parish ministry, while my mother has served in both parish ministry and spiritual direction.
Bounce Back After Defeat
Every leader faces failure, but it doesn’t have to be the end of your ministry. - Article
So why would life be different for God's spiritual armed forces—those of us in ministry? end goal, I focus on God's call for my life, making decisions that keep me heading in that direction.
Church Turnarounds Are About Direction And Consistency, Not Speed Or Size
It's called a turnaround for a reason. It's more about the direction you’re heading than the speed you’re going.
Pivot: A Blog by Karl Vaters - Article
I was called to help a church turn around from a decade of numerical, emotional, spiritual and missional They're more about the direction you're heading than the speed you're going.
How to Be a Spiritual Mother
We all have a responsibility to guide younger leaders. - Article
Spiritual mothers don't let people stay the way they are either. We push people, not necessarily in the direction we want them to go, but in the direction God is pulling them.
3 Ways to Make Your Church a Healthier Place to Work
Is your staff experiencing a spiritual crisis right under your nose?
losses. We outsourced spiritual direction. When a person's pastor becomes their boss, the lines between congregant and employee become blurred.
Walking in Billy’s Shoes
John Ortberg offers 6 lessons evangelical organizations can learn from Billy Graham and his team.
For more than half a century, the most familiar voice in American spiritual life belonged to because the organization and its namesake had a commitment to a single direction that made
The Enneagram for Pastors
9 different ways pastors look at the world, and what it might mean for your ministry.
Peterson calls the Christian life a long obedience in the same direction. Keep in mind that the quickest, more efficient route isn't necessarily the best for the spiritual development of your
My Journey Into Spiritual Direction
Recognizing God's work in your life usually requires a guide.
My Journey Into Spiritual Direction. Recognizing God's work in your life usually requires a guide. He was much better at asking wise questions. Therapy vs. Spiritual Direction.
My Top 10 Resources on Pastoral Care
A seasoned shepherd selects those most helpful for 'the cure of souls.'
The angles Peterson speaks of are the pastoral basics: prayer, Scripture, and spiritual direction. This Resource #8: Gordon T. Smith, Spiritual Direction. Learning
The Ever-Broadening Role of the Pastor
Over the centuries, shepherding a flock has gotten a bit more complicated.
your group is facing, knowing what resources you have, determining what direction to go In spiritual leadership, that means tending your own internal life: your relationship with God, the
How to Figure Out Your Calling
Amy Orr-Ewing says it takes a combination of being proactive and listening for God’s leading. - Article
“In my final year at Oxford,” she says, “Frog and I were praying about my vocation and future direction, and we decided to lay a fleece before the Lord.
The Day I Hit the Wall
A simple question led to a life-defining collapse.
Was this a judgment of sorts on the pace and direction of my life and work? Was God forcing me to face unknown weaknesses, questionable motivations, spiritual shallowness?
How to Detox Your Leadership and Fuel Your Growth
Metabolize your leadership experiences - Article
I was a hot mess. A healing combination of counseling, coaching, community, spiritual direction, and time helped me let go and move on. My circle of
My Trek to Spiritual Sustainability
5 secrets to perseverance—in marriage, ministry, and faith—became clear on this Alpine adventure.
My Trek to Spiritual Sustainability. 5 Klaus. He was 65 and traveling in the opposite direction of ours, so he knew the route we'd be taking the next day.
Mentoring with Intention
It’s more than just hanging out - Article
spend time together, tell each other about their lives, and encourage each other, but there is no spiritual movement. Intentionality in the relationship allows us to move in this direction.
Reassembling My Faith
What would make the difference between doubt strengthening my belief or crushing it?
Eventually, by the grace of God and the gentle guidance of a wise spiritual director and couple other voices, the clock went back together—tighter and even better than before.
4 Ways to Invite God into Your Planning Meetings
Put the ministry back in your administration.
gave us anxiety to show us when something isn't right—there's danger or we're headed in the wrong direction. My roles as spiritual guide and administrative overseer are not in conflict.
What Gets People to Want What’s Right?
There are better ways to motivate than should, ought, and must.
Understand the spiritual importance of physical health with this 19-page resource: Health and Wholeness When we have a direction we want our congregation to go, how do get them to
Why Churches Lose Their Way
Joe Thorn discusses how congregations can rediscover the biblical basis of who they are and what they’re called to do.
responsibilities at the church, so he could focus on being restored, on his spiritual life, on the church never heard a thing about it because everything was moving in the right direction.
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