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5 Tips for Staying in Leadership in Trying Times
Lessons on leading through suffering from the life of Amanda Berry Smith - Article
Lessons on leading through suffering from the life of Amanda Berry Smith. Read as Single PagePage 1 of 3. She was alone, grieving, disappointed, and suffering.
Moving Forward After a Difficult Week
Unity may indeed be needed after the election, but it’s okay to grieve first. - Article
Recovery Director. Instead of saying anything to women leaders today, I invite lament—the guttural, primal wail of the soul that is born of suffering and loss.
Leading in the Midst of Suffering
I’d helped others through trials and struggles, but dealing with my own was a new challenge. - Article
Leading in the Midst of Suffering. I'd helped others through trials and struggles, but dealing with my own was a new challenge. What a different place to be, this other side of suffering.
Remembering Their Chains
6 Practical Ways to Support the Global Persecuted Church
e-newsletter. It allows you to learn briefly about a particular country, people group, family or person suffering from the threat of persecution. •Open Doors
The Cost of Caring
How to avoid compassion fatigue as you care for others - Article
tears. I was leading a support and recovery ministry at the time and felt genuine compassion for the suffering and struggles of the people in my ministry.
Why I See a Counselor
Counseling helped me discover my dual nature: the put-together leader and the afraid and ashamed woman. - Article
heal her. Then a woman who has been suffering with constant bleeding for 12 years silently works her way through the throngs of people. She comes
Helping Victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse Recover
How an understanding of trauma can lead to healing. - Article
Victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse. For thousands of victims suffering the aftereffects of sexual trauma, it became a trusted guide. Now, after decades of
3 Disaster Myths That Only Compound the Devastation
The biggest threat facing churches isn’t a disaster event—it’s how we think about disasters.
Yet, when I consider disasters within a broader context—within the grand scheme of past and possible events—it's how we think about disasters that keeps me up at night.
Ministry Is a Team Sport
Though my instinct is to isolate, I’m learning to let others carry me. - Article
Rumor has it that he heals people, so these men come up with a plan—a kind of surprise party conspiracy. They will take the suffering paralytic to see Jesus.
5 Passages Your Pastor Wishes You'd Stop Taking out of Context
How we get them wrong and what church leaders can do about it.
of Bible at Moody. “Human beings misunderstand the place of suffering, and Christianity in the West tends to idolize success. We struggle with viewing
Ministry Shouldn’t Hurt
What to do when the church starts acting like an abusive boyfriend - Article
Moreover, women in ministry may normalize pain and abuse by equating it with the suffering of Christ. They rationalize: “I'm hurting, so I must be doing something right.
4 Surprising Benefits of Seminary
What I learned in a classroom that proved helpful in leading a church.
Suffering is an unavoidable part of life. Bear witness in the storm. The downside is that we often talked more about how to escape suffering than to be steadfast in it.
Andy Crouch and Tom Nelson: Q & A - Theology of Suffering
It's easy to make work matter when we love our jobs. What if we hate them?
Pastoring in the Age of Celebrity
How famous Bible teachers impact local Bible study.
but members can access resources on the topic from teachers such as Paul David Tripp, the author and pastor who teaches on Christian living, parenting, marriage, and suffering.
How to Pray for Your Congregation
To support your people in prayer, focus on who God is - Article
I'm an empathetic person who is able to easily feel the suffering of others, so I'd see someone who had a heavy burden and I'd immediately feel the pain they were going through.
3 Ways to Fight Back with Joy as You Lead
It’s a potent weapon for life’s battles - Article
God. This becomes all the more acute when your workplace or those you loved or you yourself are faced with sudden loss, pain, suffering, or death. In
When Pastors Pray, Part 2
God called me to minister to desperate ministers - Article
We need to make sure that if we do have pastors and leaders suffering with mental illness, we give them the grace to recover and experience healing like we do for other sickness and
The Leadership Strength of Vulnerability
In a moment of defenselessness, my husband became a great leader.
Each of us is gifted with a story of suffering that originates in God's sacrifice on the cross. 3. Vulnerability creates connection. Suffering is common to the human condition.
Uniting a Violence-Plagued City in Prayer
Neither death threats nor tepid response discouraged two pastors from praying over every murder site in their city for years.
Dan Haas had to be on a roof to see his city from God's perspective and love his city with God's heart. David Engbarth was moved with compassion by a family in deep suffering.
Pastor, How Do You Pray for Your Church?
10 ministry leaders respond.
Jesus, we thank you that you are no stranger to suffering or the pain of our world. We look to you as our Greatest Comfort and Friend in times of trouble.
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