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Personal Branding, Platform, and Pride-Management
Promoting the message of Christ―rather than ourselves. - Article
and the occasional email. As I continued in my career― and technology advanced―my correspondence with students transformed. Now, there are countless
Inside the Church Building of 2017
What's hot, what's next, and what needs to die.
This could signal a shift toward a more masculine décor.". Security technology. LED walls. Churches were relying on projection technology for screens on the stage.
Yes, Pastor, You Can Deliver A Weekly Sermon That's Better Than A TED Talk
We don’t need another celebrity speaker to dazzle us. We need a humble shepherd who’s willing to be vulnerable.
Pivot: A Blog by Karl Vaters - Article
It's $15,000 if you want an upgrade to the VIP package. TED started over 30 years ago as an acronym for Technology, Entertainment and Design. But
Technology Has Changed My Role as Pastor
In 13 years, our church plant has transformed. - Article
Technology Has Changed My Role as Pastor. In 13 years, our church plant has transformed. Read as Single PagePage 1 of 3. 0; tweet; email; print. Technology Has Changed My Role.
Sunday Service: 2026
Imagine the worship experience of the future.
Technology that aids mobility could also play a significant role in the demographics of the future church. Driverless cars and other such advancements
Defining Charitable Contributions • Good Screen Time • Sleepy Success: Management Roundup
Trends, tips, ideas, and stats to help church leaders manage well this week. - Article
Use technology to enhance your relationships and your work. If you are desperate, use technology to help your technology issue—yes, it sounds counterintuitive.
Small Church, Big Ministry
God is using 124 people from this historic congregation to feed 145,000.
“If you look at what's happening with technology and the way the workforce is changing, people will need our services who may not need them now.
Do Your Staff and Volunteers Use Cell Phones while Driving on Church Business?
A new study shows more distractions exist behind the wheel, including voice commands to dial. - Article
Whether or not your church owns a vehicle with voice recognition- technology, this news serves as a reminder that distractions exist for drivers, and it's a good time to evaluate your
The Busy Pastor’s Guide to Inbox Shalom
A clear email inbox is a ministry aid. Here’s how to get (and stay) there.
Maintain Inbox Shalom. Congratulations! You're at Inbox Zero. How do you stay there? Here are three ways to maintain Inbox Shalom. 1. Understand what email is.
The Technophobe's Ministry Survival Guide
Simple ideas you can start today, regardless of church size or know-how.
and Donations. As a mid-sized church, you may have a technology budget that allows you to take on a few more projects that extend beyond what's free.
The Top Church Management Conferences for 2016
Training across the nation to gain knowledge in financial, legal, and risk matters. - Article
Presented by EH Publishing and Production media (with other sponsors), this event focuses on facilities, communications, and worship technology and best practices.
Screens and Your Teens
Kathy Koch on guiding teens to use technology well.
4. What surprises you about your work among teens and technology? I 5. What is one myth about teens and technology that some might believe? There
Leading in the 'Land of the Digital'
Social media strategist Justin Wise on how churches can embrace technology to build relationships.
When we think technology is new websites, social networks, responsive design, or any other digital buzzword de jour, we are wrong. Technology is not a set of tools.
3 Ways to Make Your Church a Healthier Place to Work
Is your staff experiencing a spiritual crisis right under your nose?
and leaders. This role is responsible for leading and facilitating connection events and tracking the discipleship process with available technology. The
How to Preach About Technology (Do)
Practical tips for reflecting in, not on, our smartphones.
They think about the technology and talk about it. They are immigrants (using technology "with an accent!" says Prensky). This technology is new to human experience.
Don’t Lose Sight of Scripture
How can we follow Christ if we don’t know how he wants to be followed? - Article
to Scripture. I thank God for the intelligence that humans need to create technology, because they have invented something called the smartphone. I
Management Roundup: The Plan Churches Need for Compensation
Plus four other trends, tips, ideas, and stats to help church leaders manage well this week. - Article
God blessed that" ("The Gift of Volunteers," an interview with Operation Christmas Child's Randy Riddle, LeadershipJournal. net). 3. Don't replace relationships with technology.
Last Chance for 2014 Contribution Reminders
Plus four other trends, tips, ideas, and stats to help church leaders manage well this week. - Article
Technology may permeate most every aspect of our lives, but a new Barna Group survey reveals people of all ages and backgrounds still prefer that personal touch over digital
Spiritual Opportunity in Silicon Valley
An interview with Skip Vaccarello.
world. Technology is the primary vehicle for doing so. Technological team. Once successful with a breakthrough technology, financial rewards typically follow. There
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