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10 Ways to Help Single Women Flourish in Ministry
Whether single or married, we can all advocate for single women in ministry. - Article
On top of the usual ministry stress, single women have to worry about being treated like a minority in the church, guilt about taking time off, awkward comments about their dating life
Lamenting Failure
God is doing something bigger and better than your project. - Article
A few of the older women were so lonely that they monopolized the younger women's time without offering practical help. Take Time to Grieve. So I took time to let that truth sink in.
You Are Enough
Singleness doesn't make you any less of a leader. - Article
Almost every time I meet someone new at a church event, I can predict what one of the first questions will be: “So … are you married?” This is followed by an awkward silence after I say
10 Essentials for a Successful Outdoor Event
Don’t let weather, logistics, or Egyptian plagues keep you from taking your service outside.
We have used outdoor events to partner with under-performing schools and throw a block party for families, leveraging that time to build relationships and provide resources to the
From Performer to Pastor
An interview with gospel singer—and pastor—CeCe Winans Love - Article
Now she's a ten-time Grammy Award winner, a wife, a mother, a friend to many, a TV personality, a book author, the subject of a documentary, and a voice of inspiration to generations.
It's Time For A Church Transition: Should The Pastor Leave? Hand Off? Or Reboot?
No church should be so reliant on one person that it’s at risk of collapse when that person leaves. Even if that person is the pastor.
Pivot: A Blog by Karl Vaters - Article
Leave If… …your time there is done and a healthy handoff is not possible. This is the least desirable option. Hand It Off If… …your time there is done and a healthy handoff is possible.
How I Found a Support Network
5 ways I formed a group of women leaders around me - Article
0; tweet; email; print. I remember the first time I found “my people.” I had been invited to present several workshops at a conference for women ministry leaders.
The Busy Pastor’s Guide to Inbox Shalom
A clear email inbox is a ministry aid. Here’s how to get (and stay) there.
My email program does not always have to make a sound or flash a notification across the screen every time a new message comes in. Within 24 hours is an appropriate response time.
Are Your Church IT Policies Too Restrictive?
Promote collaboration across church staff with these key reminders. - Article
This give-and-take will give you the influence you need and set an important precedent when the time comes for you to say “no” to a future idea. Communicate the reason.
When Volunteers Disappoint
Work through disappointment and create realistic expectations for your team. - Article
20 years. Our structure includes a teaching time followed by discussion groups. As By the time she finally finished, I was beside myself. As I struggled
To Fight Discouragement, Fan Your Flame
Times of discouragement are inevitable in ministry, but we can learn to combat them. - Article
I have come to understand that seasons of discouragement are a fact of life in full-time ministry. I expect them at regular intervals. Time for a Pep Talk.
Diminish the Power of Negative Circumstances
Take control of your circumstances by changing your mindset. - Article
embedded in our family history. Each time I heard it, it nurtured the traits of perseverance and grit that run through my Serbian veins. With the recent struggle
Join Our Summer Study Group
Meet with women from across the country for community, encouragement, and discussion. - Article
their roles. And with few other women leaders around, it's difficult to know how to remedy the loneliness. I hear it from leaders all the time. As I edited
5 Ways to Build Confidence
Don’t miss these opportunities to develop talent in those you lead.
3. Be timely. (That means now.). A leader who waits too long to share uplifting comments will appear out of touch; words lose effectiveness over time. And time passes quickly.
The Extra Job in My Head
How to take a mental break when your mind is filled with reminders of your to-do list - Article
As a woman in full-time ministry, I'm constantly trying to integrate, juggle, keep up, and balance my roles as pastor, wife, mom, grandmother, and writer.
Make Criticism Your Friend
Change your perspective, and criticism can actually propel you forward in God’s mission. - Article
seriously. I was angry, hurt, and confused all at the same time. angrier. The whole process was a waste of time and energy and didn't serve to better me in any way.
Four Questions to Ask When Complacency Calls
With all the politicking, protesting, and terrorizing, it’s tempting to give up the fight. - Article
am seeking the lies of ignorance's bliss. All of this indicates to me that the time has come, again, to fight for my own soul. I lift my heavy head, taking my
Boundaries for Part-Time Ministry
9 steps to set healthy limits - Article
Boundaries for Part-Time Ministry. Setting and sticking to boundaries, however, is essential when there's no way you can possibly fulfill all your responsibilities in the time you have.
3 Reasons to Heed Limits in Your Leadership
As leaders, we naturally get frustrated by limits. But we can use them to our advantage. - Article
ourselves. 3. Limits give us perspective. When we are moving too fast, we don't have time to observe the landscape and take note of what is around us.
Self-Control for the Sake of Ministry
What does it mean to say “no” to ourselves on behalf of those we serve and influence? - Article
I feel unqualified and doubtful most of the time. Truth is, life can be daunting and lonely for anyone, especially at a time with a great deal of uncertainty and social anxiety.
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