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Why We Need Single Women Leaders
The unique challenges and powerful insights of unmarried ministry leaders - Article
Aleska Barkoviak of Eastview Christian Church in Normal, Illinois, explains that many well-meaning people have shared false promises with her like “your time will come,” or “someday
Making the Leap from Marketplace to Ministry
Five truths to keep in mind when God calls you to a big career change - Article
Image: iStock. 0; tweet; email; print. My move from business to full-time ministry happened so fast, I probably should have seen a chiropractor for whiplash.
8 Ways To Manage Minor Church Leadership Issues Before They Become Big Problems
Many of the issues we think are staff/volunteer problems are actually pastoral leadership problems.
Pivot: A Blog by Karl Vaters - Article
The kids worshiped their hearts out. One of the youth leaders spoke for the first time and did an amazing job. Two kids made first-time commitments to Jesus.
IRS Provides Relief for Victims of Hurricane Harvey
What to know about this tax-free assistance. - Article
A leave-sharing program allows employees to forgo vacation, sick, or other personal leave time in exchange for the value of the leave time being contributed to a qualifying charitable
Sabbath Is More than Rest
Everyone wants a break and more time off, but Sabbath offers more. - Article
Sabbath Is More than Rest. Everyone wants a break and more time off, but Sabbath offers more. As my responsibilities grew, however, the leisure of such time was shoved aside.
Personal Branding, Platform, and Pride-Management
Promoting the message of Christ―rather than ourselves. - Article
According to an article in Entrepreneur magazine, a person's individual brand begins at birth and continues to build through their consistency of actions over time.
Imagining the Next Generation of Women in Leadership
A conversation between a lead pastor and her daughter - Article
I just saw you as my mom. Do you remember times when I had a hard time figuring out how to lead or preach? Yes ministry. I wrestled with that for a long time.
3 Ways to Maximize Co-Pastoring
Effective co-pastoring requires more than just dividing up tasks. - Article
It was like being an expert at hammering nails only to be told now you must do it with a friend, at the exact same time, in front of an audience—and stay married. Brutal.
Break Your Day into Thirds
A creative way to avoid burnout in ministry - Article
early afternoon. Most of my direct time with high school and middle school students started in the late afternoon, followed by a slew of evening events. I
Lamenting Failure
God is doing something bigger and better than your project. - Article
A few of the older women were so lonely that they monopolized the younger women's time without offering practical help. Take Time to Grieve. So I took time to let that truth sink in.
Find Your Place in God's Story
Like Esther, you may be exactly where you are for a specific purpose. - Article
I was 18 at the time and in the midst of a 3-week romance that illustrated the longevity of my high school relationships. However, Henrietta Mears wasted no time in answering it.
8 Guidelines for Ministering to Men
A nuanced alternative to the Billy Graham Rule that views men—and ourselves—first as being in the image of God. - Article
This is where it starts and ends. The best safeguard against infidelity is focused time with your spouse. Work-life balance is hard, and relationships suffer
My Winding Road to the Pastorate
It was an inconvenient time to begin feeling called to co-pastor with my husband. - Article
It was an inconvenient time to begin feeling called to co-pastor with my husband. I initially felt my call to full-time Christian service as a call to be a missionary.
10 Ways to Help Single Women Flourish in Ministry
Whether single or married, we can all advocate for single women in ministry. - Article
On top of the usual ministry stress, single women have to worry about being treated like a minority in the church, guilt about taking time off, awkward comments about their dating life
It's Time For A Church Transition: Should The Pastor Leave? Hand Off? Or Reboot?
No church should be so reliant on one person that it’s at risk of collapse when that person leaves. Even if that person is the pastor.
Pivot: A Blog by Karl Vaters - Article
Leave If… …your time there is done and a healthy handoff is not possible. This is the least desirable option. Hand It Off If… …your time there is done and a healthy handoff is possible.
We Need a Cascade Effect in the Church
What might happen if more women were leading in the church? - Article
in order. It has not always been this way in Yellowstone National Park. At one time, the decay of Yellowstone concerned biologists. Wolves were once
From Performer to Pastor
An interview with gospel singer—and pastor—CeCe Winans Love - Article
Now she's a ten-time Grammy Award winner, a wife, a mother, a friend to many, a TV personality, a book author, the subject of a documentary, and a voice of inspiration to generations.
Ministry in the Present Tense
Unshackle yourself from the tyranny of the past and future.
You sit down and say, “I am seated, I am doing nothing, I will do nothing for five minutes,” and then relax, and continually throughout this time (one or two minutes is the most you will be
6 Dos and Don’ts for Welcoming Church Guests
Visitor connection should be organic, not contrived.
(Don't even think about asking me to shout out my name as a first-time guest.). Most worship gatherings feature a time when the pastor or another leader welcomes attendees.
3 Disaster Myths That Only Compound the Devastation
The biggest threat facing churches isn’t a disaster event—it’s how we think about disasters.
Myth 3: “There's not enough time—or this isn't the right time—for my church to start thinking about disaster ministry.”. There's actually no better time than
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