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Disillusioned by the Church
When organizational culture makes you wonder if you belong - Article
The church's written core values clearly stated the organization expected staff to have “proven character and proven ministry.” Yet here was Peter, assembling a superior product on the
Six Tips for Taking Center Stage
Make a smooth transition from associate to lead pastor. - Article
They feel guilt, shame and anxiety over claiming “I'm worth this.” Successful people know what matters most to them—their priorities, values, concerns, and their mission and purpose.
Love Thy (Immigrant) Neighbor
Women leaders play a unique role in helping refugees and immigrants settle into the community. - Article
Whether we are Mexicans or Americans, Syrians or Egyptians, language, values, and cultural traditions connect, identify, and give us a sense of belonging.
Adapt, Adjust And Diversify: Some Of Our Differences Make The Church Stronger
As long as the center holds, our differences won’t make the church weaker. They’re an essential element for making us stronger.
Pivot: A Blog by Karl Vaters - Article
As long as the center holds, our differences won't make the church weaker. They're an essential element for making us stronger.
Are Your Church IT Policies Too Restrictive?
Promote collaboration across church staff with these key reminders. - Article
Remember the common goal. Every staff member who works at your church has these values in common: they love your church, and they love Christ.
Reaching a New Generation with the Bible
We can no longer depend on methods that worked 20 years ago.
justice. Perhaps highlighting these values in Scripture might draw a new generation into the Bible, showing that it is, indeed, relevant to their lives. Although
Diagnosing and Changing Church Culture
What you need to know about your past to move forward - Article
Founders' Values. The most important source of organizational culture is the beliefs, values, and assumptions of an organization's founders. Learned Values.
How Culture Affects Our Expectations of Leaders
Gender, ethnic, and socioeconomic biases affect how we lead and follow. - Article
followers. It is also anchored in values of hierarchy. These questions go back to issues of culture—not at the level of behavior but at the level of values. There
The Root of Ministry Effectiveness
What every church leader should know about organizational culture - Article
She agreed wholeheartedly with the values communicated during the interview, plus the vision was inspiring. Impressive, she thought. The middle layer consists of espoused values.
How to Get People to Respect Your Leadership
Start by making a believer of yourself. - Article
never say these thoughts to someone you love, and they are rarely, if ever, compatible with what you know to be true about God's love for you and the way he sees and values you, his
Sabbath-Keeping for Pastors
Making rest an indispensable part of your routine.
Laskow Lahey. It helps us unearth our subtle, competing values that keep us from doing what we think we should and what we want to do. Kegan and
You’re Not Always Right
We all have biases that affect the way we interpret the Bible. - Article
We might be surprised to find that some of the values we hold most dearly are often a result of our cultural and childhood upbringing and have very little to do with what the Bible actually
Does Your Church Have the Right Model?
How to decide.
You would run a franchise and benefit from their tried-and-true systems. Like guard rails on an overpass, authority structures help pastors stick to the vision and values they hold dear.
Is Having It All Worth Having?
Three practices that help me focus on what matters. - Article
When we stop judging ourselves by the world's values, we can stop the endless striving for more. God promises to give us all we need for all he has called us to do.
Why I See a Counselor
Counseling helped me discover my dual nature: the put-together leader and the afraid and ashamed woman. - Article
away. This side of me longs for healing, but is afraid and ashamed. Everyone, including myself, responds to, values, and regards the Jairus in me. Who
Three Lessons for Women in Ministry from Catherine Booth
The co-founder of The Salvation Army lived out her calling and left a lasting legacy. - Article
And when she met William Booth in 1851, she found a man who not only shared her values and passions, but also encouraged her to use all the gifts God had given her.
3 Ways to Make Your Church a Healthier Place to Work
Is your staff experiencing a spiritual crisis right under your nose?
Because of this, we partnered with a local spiritual director whom our lead pastor and elders had vetted to ensure alignment with our values and beliefs.
Digging In
Cultivating a healthy congregation begins with the church’s soil.
most. Values shape, nurture, and sway the culture of a congregation. Absolutely. We can cultivate and enhance healthy values in the life of the church. Values
Measuring What Matters: The Challenge of Church Metrics
Accurate church metrics are helpful. But we should never fool ourselves into thinking we can measure the immeasurable.
Pivot: A Blog by Karl Vaters - Article
Since we're unable to measure things of real value, we measure things that are values-adjacent. Since we're unable to measure things of real value, we
Married, Spiritually Single, and Called to Lead
Managing tension between marriage and ministry - Article
ministry is hard. Navigating competing values and priorities, cross-gender relationships, and loneliness can be frustrating and discouraging. But if you
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