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After the Same-Sex Marriage Ruling, What Legal Rights Do Pastors, Churches Have?
Understanding the officiating of ceremonies and the use of buildings for weddings. - Article
After the Same-Sex Marriage Ruling, What Legal Rights Do Pastors, Churches Have? Understanding the officiating of ceremonies and the use of buildings for weddings.
5 Passages Your Pastor Wishes You'd Stop Taking out of Context
How we get them wrong and what church leaders can do about it.
The Bible was written for us, but not everything in it was written to us. So should we avoid sharing this verse with those in despair? Not necessarily. Abram
Is Your Church A Family? 5 Ways To Help It Be A Healthy One
A healthy family doesn’t put up walls to keep newcomers out. They welcome new members with open arms and big parties.
Pivot: A Blog by Karl Vaters - Article
In fact, that's when families throw their biggest parties – to welcome newcomers into the family with weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and other parties.
5 Best Practices for "Other Ministry Income"
Guidelines for dealing with money that's not a part of your regular salary. - Article
Note: In his free ebook, The Minister's Salary, Thom Rainer addresses the issue of "other ministry income"—income ministers receive from services offered at weddings, funerals, revivals
Set 2015 Clergy Housing Allowances Now
Plus four other trends, tips, ideas, and stats to help church leaders manage well this week. - Article
Guide. 2. Views on church, state, and marriage. “About half of Americans are ready for separation of church and state when it comes to weddings. Six
The Church and the Huddled Masses
Throughout US history, the church has had a complicated relationship with the "homeless, tempest-tost" looking for a better life.
language. Ho and Bic stayed in touch with George and Ann over the years, exchanging Christmas cards and inviting one another to children's weddings.
Blessings and Burdens for Women Leaders
How can churches limit obstacles and increase opportunities for their women in leadership?
My friends compare notes about how soon after our weddings we were asked when we'd have our first child. (For the record, I was asked at my wedding reception.
LifeWay Research on Gay Marriage and The Church - Article
63 percent agree and 27 percent disagree that pastors should be allowed to refuse to officiate same-sex weddings if they are made legal in their state;
Feasting and Fellowship in the Age of Food Allergies
Eating can be a source of fellowship—but in a fallen and allergy-ridden world, it can also present challenges.
daughters. When we gather to celebrate milestones—graduations, weddings, homecomings, baby showers—we mark the occasion by sharing meals together.
The Church that Drinks Together
In our town, refusing to drink alcohol may be a bigger stumbling block than serving it.
in the fellowship hall. Without this concession, no one would book the facility for weddings—and we need weddings to help pay the bills. But those of
Nationwide Zoning Effects? • Mayor-Pastor under Fire • Anglicans Favor Gay Marriage: News Roundup
This week’s headlines that affect churches and church leaders. - Article
increased over the past three years despite the leadership's insistence that marriage can only be between a man and a woman, and its refusal to conduct church weddings for gay
The World Next Door
When the church embraces its refugee neighbors, blessings flow both ways.
We have attended weddings and birthdays and grieving ceremonies; our friends have also been a part of these same momentous occasions in our life.
A Surprising and Productive Friendship
Kevin Palau and Sam Adams discuss setting aside differences to help churches serve their cities.
tolerant in a way that doesn't fight with a scorch earth policy and say, “Unless every one of these churches are fully open and affirming and will perform gay or lesbian weddings, they're
Same-Sex Marriage: New Challenges, New Opportunities
4 Christian leaders reflect on how the Supreme Court’s ruling on marriage could affect churches.
We will continue to love all people, but we do not perform weddings of same-sex couples in any country, and while people may have rights in the country that we will respect, we will not
Nancy Leigh DeMoss’ Big Adventure
How evangelicalism’s “royal wedding” shows us the glory and struggle of marriage and ministry.
The call to home and ministry. Some of this disconnect is explained by our cultural assumptions about who bears responsibility for the work of the home
Same Sex Marriage Is Legal: How Pastors are Responding in this Crucial Moment
A faithful response means adopting a proper posture, not just correct doctrine.
“You earn the right to speak by maintaining a culture of consistent sexual sacrifice,” he said, referring to situations of divorce, any sex outside of marriage, and similar issues.
The Secret of Strategic Neglect
Bill Hybels on the keys to simpler and more effective leadership.
They do more weddings. More funerals. When you're in a small church, people are offended if you don't show up, if you don't do all the weddings and all the funerals.
WLL: The Softer Side of Calvinism, Pond Baptism, and Letting There Be Light
Just LINK it.
trashed. Sometimes, an apology is in order. Perspective: It's one thing to be single at a wedding. It's another thing to attend 32 weddings single. KidMin
The Grassroots Pastor
Do you need a flock to shepherd souls?
They serve you coffee, sell you insurance, nanny your children, teach at the middle school, photograph your weddings. Some of them even work in churches. So keep your eyes open.
Finding Rest in a Busy World
An interview with Brady Boyd.
In my small church, I was the staff. I did all the weddings, all the funerals, all the hospital visits, went to all the committee meetings and preached most of the sermons.
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