In The Face Of Tragedy

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Yesterday in our weekly team meeting we prayed again for three people we know who are dying from cancer.

Later that day I received an email requesting prayer for Steven Curtis Chapman and his family as they face the tragic death of their youngest daughter.

Today, on my walk home there was a tiny bird squeaking in the grass - its wing broken. I don't know if it will make it.

Sometimes the world just seems to press in on you; taking your breath away as it confronts you with sorrow upon sorrow. There's no avoiding it, no looking away and smelling the flowers. It's just too awful?and your heart can't take it. You groan for a new heaven and a new earth. This one is just so broken.

130,000 dead in Myanmar. 2 million more homeless.

Over 55,000 dead in China. 25,000 more unaccounted for. 4,000 children orphaned.

Who can stand in the face of such tragedy?

Today I have more questions than answers.

I know what I want to ask. I'm afraid to ask it. But it's what everyone is asking right now, isn't it?

How can a good God let this happen? How can he stand by and do nothing? And, why? Why? Why did this happen?

I know the arguments: we've been given free will; it's a broken world; God is in control.

But none of them seem like enough - not today. My heart hurts too much.

There are two things I do know. Two things that give my heart solace and hope.

If I hurt this much in the face of such distant pain?how much more the heart of God who knows by name every one of those dead. I grieve with the Holy Spirit - moved to share in the sufferings and passions of Christ. This is why he came. God loves the world so much.

God does not stand by and do nothing. In Acts, God sent his Holy Spirit to his people. God works through us, his people, his Church. We are God's answer to a hurting world - we must point people to Christ's love, healing, redemption.

Does it feel like enough? No. Does it answer all my questions? Definitely not.

But what are you feeling? What are your questions? How are you reconciling these tragedies? What is your church doing?

May23, 2008 at 5:13 PM

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