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Answering the Call of God

It’s all about alignment and anointing

"When did you receive the call?" That's the question young, aspiring ministers ask seasoned pastors. "The call" has come to signify the very moment the pastor knew God wanted him or her to minister and shepherd a flock.

Biblically, the most evident passage referencing "the call" is the Apostle Paul's Damascus road experience. In Acts 9, we read about God's miraculous conversion ...

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How a Calling Should Change Our Lives

I’m consumed with what it means to be called

As a preacher's kid, my youth was all about church. We discussed ministry the way some families discuss sports. When a new pastor or leader gave his first sermon, we hoped it would include an exciting story of his "calling." In fact, we were never as concerned about his resume as we were about his calling. We didn't want a businessman. We wanted "God's man." We were confident ...

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Every Need Is Not a Call

Focusing on the right community ministry

I frequently work with churches that are located in communities with multiple needs and issues. In urban neighborhoods, and more frequently now in suburbs and rural communities, you might find the following issues:

  • high levels of unemployment, with families struggling to meet basic needs as a result
  • an achievement gap between children who live in poverty and those who don't, resulting in lower graduation rates and college attendance for youth from poor families
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Do Your Thing

Tracy is a thirty-something mom living out her faith. The embodiment of her compassion has curly hair, mocha eyes and a healthy appetite—a six-week old foster child she keeps as a volunteer in a Christian crisis care organization. Last month, I visited Tracy for a few days. I watched her care for this sweet baby boy, marveling and worrying like a true mother. Her ...

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Journeys into Leadership

The other weekend I ran into a guy (literally) who had stopped short to turn around as we followed the masses out of a church sanctuary. "Sorry," he said, looking disheartened and eying the crowd. "I was supposed to have a group following me."

"No problem," I laughed. "'Nobody behind me' is the story of my life….." ...

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What God Can Do with Your Whole Life

The boy hesitated as Andrew pushed him toward Jesus. "Sir, I have only a small lunch, five loaves and two fish, but if this could help feed some of the people, you can have it." I'm sure Jesus smiled and said, "Thank you. I think this is exactly what I need."

The boy watched in awe as, with that small lunch, Jesus fed more than 5,000, with lots ...

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Going Where God Wants You to Go

My grandsons, Carter and Aidan, are growing up in their young years with a surprising truth: Grandmothers drive red convertibles. Really - both of their grandmothers drive red convertibles. Mine is an awesome Mustang, and the other grandma drives a red VW bug convertible.

So why a red convertible? I've had several people ask me, "Aren't you a little old for ...

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Living Fearlessly

Two days ago, my daughter and I stood in line at IKEA. Halfway through loading our "small stuff" onto the conveyor belt and repositioning the "big stuff" (I'd tell you what it all was but it would ruin some Christmas surprises!) in the cart, the woman at the register held up her hand, stop-style.

The credit card for the people ahead of us wasn't ...

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Lead as You Are

After a difficult morning filled with tantrums, a sass mouth, and general disobedience from my normally lovely preschool-aged daughter, I lost it. As we walked back to the car after dropping my son at kindergarten - or I should say as I walked and she stomped through every snow drift I told her to avoid - she yelled ahead to me, "Mom, STOP! I want to be the LEADER!" ...

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What Are You Waiting For?

Humans have found their vocal chords. Long silenced by the engineered anonymity of the Industrial Age, homo sapiens are now talking to each other at unprecedented levels. When we can connect globally by phone at the push of a button, when our e-mails can cross continents and language barriers in nano-seconds, when we can blog or pod-cast our most mundane thoughts to the ...

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