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Gifted for Leadership, edited by Amy Jackson, is a resource providing community, encouragement, and practical tools for women leaders in the global church. We exist to equip, encourage, challenge, and unite women who exercise leadership gifts in church ministry. We publish material related to ministry life, effective leadership, a leader's personal life, and soul care.

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Gifted for Leadership Writer's Guidelines

Our Purpose

We believe that people who have the spiritual gift of leadership are called to lead, not for their own benefit, but for the sake of nurturing the body of Christ. Women with leadership gifts, as with all gifts, are obligated to use those gifts in the ways and the places God has called them to.

We are committed to speaking with these values:

  • Biblical truth—We always look at leadership issues through a biblical lens.
  • Reality—We are realistic about the issues, struggles, challenges, opportunities, and joys women leaders face. Honesty—We are committed to addressing reality with honesty and without apology.
  • Redemption—We express ourselves without bitterness. When speaking from personal pain, we point to hope and healing—even if our healing process is incomplete. This is not a forum for mere arguments or expressions of personal anguish.
  • Love—We care about women in leadership and want to make personal connections with them.
  • Equipping—We help women get better, and more confident, in what they do.
  • Encouragement—We want women to feel good about the gifts God has given them, and we help them see how they can use those gifts. We love and root for the church and its people.
  • Challenge—We challenge women to use their leadership gifts, pursue spiritual growth, and think deeply.
  • Unity—We help women rise above the arguments and judgments about where they should lead. Instead, we agree that we are all obligated to use our gifts in the ways God has called us to do so.

Our Readers

GIFTED FOR LEADERSHIP readers are women leaders in church ministry. They are mature in their Christian faith, knowledgeable about the Bible, and committed to leading and discipling others through the ministry of the local church.

Our Tone

GIFTED FOR LEADERSHIP articles must offer in-depth, biblical insight into topics of leadership, ministry, and faith. Articles should be personal in tone and use real-life anecdotes while providing thoughtful, practical wisdom from a Christian perspective. Articles must contain a distinct evangelical Christian perspective and must uphold our stated values: biblical truth, reality, honesty, redemption, love, equipping, encouragement, challenge, and unity. If possible, please use the New Living Translation when quoting Scripture. Our articles don't shy from covering tough issues real women face. Life is messy and complex; we seek to acknowledge that by avoiding pat answers and formulaic conclusions, and we look for authors who do the same.

Our Writers

GIFTED FOR LEADERSHIP does not accept unsolicited manuscripts. Please query first in the form below.

GIFTED FOR LEADERSHIP will report on queries and solicited manuscripts within 8 weeks.

All submissions are received on speculation. An accepted query doesn't guarantee purchase of the manuscript. Editors reserve the right to reject any manuscript at any stage.

Payment on acceptance of completed articles, $50, exclusive online rights, and nonexclusive rights as dictated by the Christianity Today International policy statement.

GIFTED FOR LEADERSHIP does not accept simultaneous submissions.

GIFTED FOR LEADERSHIP does not issue kill fees.

Query letters should include:

  1. Your name, mailing address, email address, daytime phone number.
  2. A summary describing your article idea.
  3. The purpose of your piece and its value to the GIFTED FOR LEADERSHIP reader.
  4. Your qualifications to write the piece.
  5. Suggested length and date by which you could finish it.

No query should be sent without a thorough knowledge of the GIFTED FOR LEADERSHIP audience. We accept both mail and email queries through the form below. Please include your name, postal address, email address, and phone number. If we request to see your manuscript, you should submit it double-spaced and include your name, postal and email address, phone number, and word length on the first page. If you submit material through postal mail, include a SASE for possible return of the manuscript.

Gifted for Leadership Attn: GFL Acquisitions Editor 465 Gundersen Drive Carol Stream, IL 60188

Our Editorial Needs

GIFTED FOR divides its content into the following categories: effective leadership, ministry life, personal life, and soul care. Effective leadership covers leadership issues, discussion, and instruction applied to the church leadership setting. Ministry life covers church practice, theology, working with other leaders, working with volunteers, insights into life as a woman in church leadership, ministry or church life issues, mentoring, training, practical ideas for doing ministry better, and topics related to specific types of ministry. Personal life covers marriage and other home life issues, friendships, personal habits, mental and emotional health, and lifestyle questions—all from the perspective of women leading in the church. Soul care covers spiritual practices, rest, personal theology, and growth.

GIFTED FOR LEADERSHIP purchases expositional articles, how-to articles, personal or reflective essays, reportage, profiles, first-person narratives, and video articles. We don't accept fiction, poetry, celebrity interviews, product reviews.

Articles should be between 500 and 1,000 words.

Submit an article pitch stating your idea below. If accepted, we'll contact you about how to submit your full article.

All fields are required.

2000 character limit

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