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How to Take a Compliment

While checking my children into the nursery at church last week, an acquaintance of mine approached. "Susan, this is who I've been telling you about!" she exclaimed, pulling her friend behind her. She turned to me with a big smile. "I've been telling Susan all about you, how you're so good at speaking. You are the best teacher!"

I froze, ...

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Grooming Leaders

"And then," the student continued, "The professor interrupted me in the middle of my presentation. He totally didn't take me seriously." My colleague and I looked at each other.

"He might . . ." I paused and began again. "You . . ." I looked at her, wrangled my courage and spit it out. "I wonder if your outfit was subliminally ...

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Top 10 in 2008

As we begin a new year, once again we've looked back on the previous year to see which blog articles and downloads you found most intriguing. Thought you might enjoy seeing what was most popular with the Gifted for Leadership crowd in 2008. Check out the great conversations from last year:

Top 10 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2008

10. The Women Out There by Caryn Rivadeneira

9. ...

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Developing a Vision When You're Not a Visionary

Solve some problem right in front of you. Often vision is born by passing through the narrow and dark birth canal of problems. You see the problem, and you start to work on it. You don't necessarily feel inspired or see lights. All you are doing is trying to solve some problem right in front of you. But later, everyone else says, "What a great vision!"

The ...

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Confrontation: Fight or Flight?

Confrontation - always difficult, often necessary. And something that many of us do badly or not at all. We tend to default toward one of two paths; either we run from it or we find ourselves continually confronting everything: fight or flight. It doesn't take too long to realize that both of these methods are more often than not ineffective.

FLIGHT: Are you one of ...

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March Madness: 5 Life Lessons From Basketball

Basketball. It's on everyone's mind right now. Whether you like to play it, watch it, or just endlessly fill in and refill in brackets; basketball is the sport of the moment.

It's also my favorite sport?I've played since I was old enough (and far enough away from the ground) to start dribbling. I can still hear my dad: "Take the ball with you to the ...

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Engaging in 'Sustained Dialogue'

You don't have to strain your eyes to see them - the cracks that run down racial, gender and doctrinal lines, splintering the Church into a multitude of factions. We're good at conflict. Too good. We build our self-assured walls, oblivious to the tragedy we create by our divisions. At the root of our disunity is closed ears; we aren't hearing each other. In ...

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Reading List

Dive into the following books to see what others have contributed to the ongoing discussion on women in leadership. Whether you agree with the authors' perspectives or not, these reads are guaranteed to incite thoughtful discussion on topics like women's ministry, gender and identity, spiritual growth, and motherhood. We hope you will walk away challenged to grow ...

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A Leadership Check-Up

There are many ways to think about leadership: having a clear vision of what needs to be done. Acting authoritatively. Establishing a clear-cut strategy. Setting the right course and charging ahead (you hope with followers in tow!).

After reading the book, Finding Our Way: Leadership in Uncertain Times by Margaret Wheatley, I was impressed by her alternative set of leadership ...

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Leading with Low Expectations

A few weeks ago, I caught a segment on one of the morning news shows in which they featured the happiest country in the world, according to some new study. The country? Denmark. The reason? It is a country of low expectations. No lie. That was the reason given. Happy-enough looking Danes were interviewed and offered their support for this claim. They didn't really dream ...

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