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Juanita Bynum Returns to Conference Stage

Aug 31 2009
Self-declared prophetess emerges after domestic abuse court case and TV circuit.

"This too shall pass," Pentecostal teacher Juanita Bynum wrote to fans after months of intense media attention following a 2007 parking-lot assault by her husband, Bishop Thomas Weeks. Now, it appears it has.

Renaming herself "Juanita Bynum II" on her website, ...

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Quest for a Father's Love

Aug 28 2009
Author Margot Starbuck talks about the universal need to be 'seen, heard, known, and loved.'

In The Girl in the Orange Dress, Margot Starbuck chronicles her quest for her birth parents, for healing of physical and emotional pain, and for the unfailing love that is promised in Scripture, but which she had never felt.

Written with a light tone, the book ...

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Half the Sky: A Must-Read Book

Aug 27 2009
The fight for women's dignity worldwide, the 'cause of our time,' needs Christians now more than ever.

This past weekend, The New York Times Sunday Magazine devoted its entire issue to "Why Women's Rights Are the Cause of Our Time." Some very sober and powerful reading there—and not what you might think upon encountering a magazine with a title like that. ...

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The Lutherans and Twister Theology

Aug 25 2009
Julia's first-person account of the strange events at last week's ELCA convention.

When is a warning from God not a warning from God? Or a "we can't tell whether or not it's a warning from God"?

This question came up last week while I was covering the church-wideassembly of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) in Minneapolis. Members ...

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Breast-feeding Dolls: Cute or Creepy?

Aug 24 2009
I'm pretty ambivalent about Bebe Gloton, the world's first electronically nursing doll.

Let me start this post off by saying that I'm a little bit of a lactivist. I don't think I'm the scary kind, but I do champion the rights of nursing mothers, practice child-led weaning, and, well, use words like lactivist.

And I'll admit to having filched the toy ...

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Running in the Shadow of 9/11

Aug 21 2009
Much of my life has been lived in the kinetic shadow of New York City. Last weekend, I owned that city's streets for three hours.

I have loved New York City my whole life. By that I mean since I was a preschooler living across the Hudson in North Bergen, New Jersey. Even from the relative distance of the Jersey Shore, where my family moved when I was 6 and where I've spent most of my days, ...

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Teaching an Old Dogfighter New Tricks

Aug 19 2009
Michael Vick appears truly repentant. Can we forgive him?

I was home in Philadelphia last Thursday when the news broke that my beloved Eagles had signed Michael Vick to a two-year contract. This came just four months after his release from prison on charges related to dogfighting. Local reactions were immediate and impassioned; ...

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So, How Are Those Summer Reading Lists Coming?

Aug 17 2009
How to read the Bible in an age of anxiety; plus three book reviews from Christine A. Scheller.

With the end of summer in sight, your summer reading list is probably still untouched. If so, you are not alone. Los Angeles Times book editor David L. Ulin wrote last week on "the lost art of reading," in which he muses on his past as an avid lover of the printed ...

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Jenny Sanford Offers Forgiveness After Husband's Affair

Aug 17 2009
In her first post-affair interview, Mark Sanford's wife tells 'Vogue' about learning of her husband's infidelity—and offering forgiveness.

You have to dig a bit, but Vogue's feature story on South Carolina First Lady Jenny Sanford is sprinkled with hints at the importance of her faith. The wife of Mark Sanford left the governor's mansion earlier this month to live in their home on the coast after ...

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Eunice Kennedy Shriver, 1921-2009

Aug 14 2009
Remembering the devout Catholic's tireless work for people whose lives were often seen as worthless.

I saw Eunice Kennedy Shriver once, in December of 1963. I was standing at the back of St. Matthew's Cathedral in Washington, D.C., waiting for a Mass in honor of her brother, John F. Kennedy, to begin. Most of the Kennedy family was seated in front when Mrs. Shriver ...

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The Persecuted Rifqa Bary?

Aug 13 2009
Christians rally support for a 17-year-old believer who says her Muslim parents have threatened to kill her. Should they believe her?

Fathima Rifqa Bary's story is quickly circulating on blogs and Christian media as proof of Islam's violent roots and the cost of following Christ. While the latter is true no matter who's doing the following, the former is disputable in the case of the Ohio teen ...

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Deciphering the Pennsylvania Gym Shooting

Aug 12 2009
What George Sodini's journal reveals about women and violence.

It seems from his blog that George Sodini had a longstanding anger toward women. The isolated 48-year-old took a gun to a Pittsburgh-area gym last week and opened fire during a fitness class. Three women were killed and nine were injured before Sodini killed ...

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Beauty Pageant for Landmine Victims Scrapped

Aug 11 2009
Cambodia's government says the contest makes fun of the disabled. The founder says he's only trying to humanize them.

The Cambodian government last week banned the Miss Landmine beauty pageant, slated for Friday in the capital city of Phnom Penh.

Government officials initially supported the contest but changed their view, saying the contest would damage "the dignity and honor ...

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Top 10 Most Popular Posts, July

Aug 10 2009
A round-up of the most popular posts of the last 30 days.

Here are the posts you clicked on the most during the fourth month of Her.meneutics. Thanks to regular readers and visitors for helping to make the CT women's blog a success. And stay tuned for coverage of Not That Kind of Girl, Carlene Bauer's memoir of reconciling ...

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Women Pastors Remain Scarce

Aug 7 2009
The Assemblies of God elected a woman to one of the highest leadership positions in the denomination, but women pastors remain few and far between.

Members of the Assemblies of God elected the first woman to the denomination's Executive Presbytery. The Ledgerreports that 18 percent of the pastors in the denomination are women (where they have long allowed women to lead), but women have not been in the AG's ...

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