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The Upside of Never-Empty Nests

Dec 5 2009
Why having our adult daughter and son-in-law move in is not 'enabling' them.

The U.S. Department of Labor is reporting the hard news that our unemployment rate is just under 9 percent. If you think that's bad, take note of Spain, a country experiencing a 17 percent unemployment rate that's rising. But unemployed Spaniards aren't sleeping ...

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Top 10 Most Popular Posts, v. 2

Jun 9 2009
What you clicked on the most during the second month of Her.meneutics.

Thank you to our readers and stumble-upon visitors for making the first month of the CT women's blog a success! Here are the top 10 posts you read and responded to since Her.meneutics launched on Thursday, April 2:

(ten) "Your Responses: AIDS in Uganda," by LaVonne ...

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Media Lukewarm on Laodicean's Meaning

May 29 2009
Last night's spelling bee champ rattled off the word with ease, but media today haven't yet connected the Greek adjective to the Bible.

Last night Indian American girl Kavya Shivashankar, 13, won the televised Scripps National Spelling Bee and its $40,000 prize after rattling off the letters in Laodicean (pronounced lÄ-ˌä-dÉ™-ˈsÄ"-É™n). ...

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Jon and Kate Plus a Lot of Bitterness

May 28 2009
The Gosselins need to confess their sins to Christian friends rather than to the TV camera.

I admit that for a while I was hooked on certain reality TV shows, but I've pulled the plug on several as of late, keeping my viewing list a lot shorter. (However, I've kept Deadliest Catch on the list because I can't get enough of men battling the Bering Sea ...

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What to Do with Smoking Moms

May 27 2009
New research makes me reexamine smoking as a women's issue, and question when it's time to speak up.

The other day, a friend of mine was telling me about a recent trip she took to the park with her preschoolers.


"I would have said something," I told my friend. A park may be a public, outdoor place, but I still don't want people blowing smoke all over my children. ...

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Introducing Julia Duin

May 27 2009
And her untold story of women who choose not to abort their handicapped infants.

I'm very grateful to have been asked to join the list of contributors to Her.meneutics. I have worked as a full-time religion reporter, but I also veer off into related topics, such as a piece I did for Mother's Day on women who decide not to abort their handicapped ...

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When Childbirth Means Risking Your Life

May 26 2009
Midwives may be one major factor in offsetting Africa's high maternal mortality rate.

"Pregnancy and childbirth kill more than 536,000 women a year, more than half of them in Africa," writes Denise Grady from Tanzania in the May 24, 2009, New York Times. Her article, "Where Life's Start Is a Deadly Risk," contrasts the World Health Organization's ...

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Kris Allen Triumphs on 'American Idol'—in More Ways Than One

May 22 2009
Lessons from the outspoken Christian's friendship with the competition, glam rocker Adam Lambert.

If you are one of the 28.8 million people who watched American Idol's season finale Wednesday night, you already know that Kris Allen, the 23-year old worship leader from Conway, Arkansas, beat out Hollywood rocker and musical theater vet Adam Lambert for the ...

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Arts Funding Slashed in Economic Crunch

May 21 2009
But when children in my home state are going to bed hungry, maybe it's for the best.

Earlier this month, the Pennsylvania Senate approved state budget SB 850, which includes severe reductions in funding for the arts for the upcoming fiscal year. The budget, which passed by a 30-20 vote, cuts funding for the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts from ...

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How Would a Woman Change the Supreme Court?

May 20 2009
The better question is, what's that woman's political ideology?

This spring may mark another race - besides last weekend's Preakness Stakes - that finds a female crossing the finish line in first place.

Since Associate Justice David Souter announced May 1 that he would be retiring from the Supreme Court, pundits and Court watchers ...

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Obama: A Friend to Pro-Lifers?

May 19 2009
The President's outlined goals for reducing abortions are ones I can support—as long as he sticks to them.

In 1993, when Christine Todd Whitman was the Republican candidate for the governor of New Jersey, her views on abortion were muted at best. I recall being cautiously optimistic as I voted for my state's first and only female governor. By the time she ran for a ...

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Forgotten Little Pitchers

May 18 2009
The difficulty of raising children in an adult-centered world.

A few weeks ago, a friend's ten-year-old daughter came home from school, turned to her mother with a frown, and speaking low, so as to stay out of earshot of a younger sibling, asked, "Mom, what does the word ?contraception' mean, and what does a sponge have to ...

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Obama's Kinder, Gentler Culture War

May 18 2009
At Notre Dame this weekend, President Obama seemed to forget the indelible pain of having an abortion.

I didn't see this one coming. K. and I had been talking about her sex life. We had arranged to meet before a sexual abstinence event at a church in Michigan. I was there interviewing young people for a book project on evangelical abstinence campaigns, and K. travels ...

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A Weighty Issue

May 15 2009
The church's silence on food addiction is ignoring sin—and hurting women.

Years of women being taught to develop a positive body image may actually be hurting them. A recentstudy in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology surveyed 81 Philadelphia-area women who fell along all points on the body mass index scale. Conducted ...

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Q+A: Kaffie McCullough on Craigslist

May 14 2009
A top advocate for stopping child prostitution is skeptical about Craigslist's decision to pull its 'erotic services' ads.

The same feature that has made Craigslist so popular - namely, unlimited free advertising - has brought the decade-old website under heavy criticism for providing unmonitored forums for prostitution in its 570 city hubs. After several state representatives met ...

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