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'The Blind Side' Reaches Across Class and Race

Nov 30 2009
A movie about a Christian woman's outreach to an African American teenager depicts redemption, but only at the personal level.

I look for redemption in stories, knowing full well that most stories fall short of portraying it perfectly. The Blind Side, a film based on a true story about a wealthy Tennessee couple who takes in a black teen from a broken family, is such a story.

By the way, ...

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Going Rogue: An American (Pro-)Life Woman

Nov 23 2009
The former vice presidential candidate promotes her new book alongside the pro-life cause.

Since entering the national scene last fall as John McCain's running mate, Sarah Palin has attracted hefty media attention from friends and foes alike. Now her full-time job seems to be making media appearances promoting her newly released Going Rogue: An American ...

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I Have a Confession to Make

Nov 20 2009
Why online confession booths like FamilySecret and Post Secret take us only so far.

In support of her latest novel, Daisy Chain, Christian author Mary DeMuth launched Family Secrets, a website where users can anonymously confess their secrets to an online audience. DeMuth writes, "In Daisy Chain, many characters harbor secrets, but only a few ...

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Iranian Christian Women Freed from Evin Prison

Nov 19 2009
Marzieh Amirizadeh Esmaeilabad and Maryam Rustampoor were imprisoned for 259 days after converting to Christianity.

Coming on the heels of the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church (Nov. 8), Christian religious-freedom groups celebrated a victory yesterday in Iran. Marzieh Amirizadeh Esmaeilabad, 30, and Maryam Rustampoor, 27—two Iranian converts to Christianity—were ...

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Silencing the Maternal Nag

Nov 18 2009
I've learned that our baby needs a mother and father, not two mothers.

Women want their spouses to be more involved in raising their children, but they need to allow fathers to father, not force them to mother. The New York Times reported last week on new research that suggests that women are unintentionally blocking men from greater ...

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Stanton Jones, Cedarville OUT Come to Campus

Nov 13 2009
As a resident director mentoring struggling students, I welcome open conversation about same-sex attraction.

Last spring, John* asked if we could meet at the Hive, our college campus snack shop. After a bit of small talk, he confided, "My friends said that you're someone I'd feel safe talking to. And this is what I wanted to tell you: Since junior high, I've known that ...

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Top 10 Posts of the Last 30 Days

Nov 12 2009
What you read during the month of October.

Another month, another top-10 roundup. Thanks to all our regular readers and stumble-upon visitors for your thoughtful commentary on the topics we've recently covered—especially Wheaton College's search for its next president, what makes women happy, and ...

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Carrie Prejean's Book Urges Women to Stand Up for Beliefs

Nov 10 2009
'Still Standing' doesn't claim Prejean made the right decisions, only that she has the right to make them.

In her book, Still Standing: The Untold Story of My Fight Against Gossip, Hate, and Political Attacks, former Miss California Carrie Prejean describes herself as "a sacrificial Christian thrown to the vicious and cruel media lions to be torn apart." Prejean, a ...

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Are We Obsessed with 'Cute'?

Nov 9 2009
What images of dancing babies and sleeping kittens say about our collective unhappiness.

Irresistible cuteness, in pictures and videos online, is overwhelming America, says Jim Windolf in December's Vanity Fair. Office workers gather around YouTube videos of toddler antics, the Mini-Cooper has been out-cuted by the Smart Car, and the website Cute ...

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A Quest to Question Mainstream Media

Nov 6 2009
Connecting the dots between what we see on screen and who we become.

Many people who know me as an author and women's ministry speaker are often curious about why I started a film company. They seem to assume there is a split focus there. Perhaps there is, but because I see media in a more holistic way, one of the reasons I started ...

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Planned Parenthood Puts Restraining Order on Former Director

Nov 4 2009
The director had resigned after watching an ultrasound for an abortion.

Planned Parenthood has found itself in a legal battle with a former director who said she had a change of heart after watching an ultrasound for an abortion and quit the organization.

KBTX of Bryan/College Station, Texas, reports that Abby Johnson worked for Planned ...

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Wheaton Students Advocate for Woman President

Nov 2 2009
An open letter encourages selection committee to commit to 'ethnic, economic, and gender diversity.'

Out of the 111 members schools of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU), six are led by female presidents. Some current and former Wheaton College students are hoping their alma mater becomes the seventh, once president Duane Litfin retires ...

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The Day We Let Our Son Live

Nov 2 2009
It ended up being the most important day of my life.

When it comes to the chance for those with genetic defects to live, the news has not been good on either side of the Atlantic. Last week's Telegraph reported that of all women in the U.K. who find out through prenatal testing that their baby will have Down syndrome, ...

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