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The Top 10 Her.meneutics Posts of the Year

Dec 29 2010
The women's blog posts that most caught your attention in 2010.

If Her.meneutics acts as a virtual water cooler for today's evangelical women, then our workplace was abuzz this year with discussions about sex: unnecessarily steamy plots on TV, modesty on college campuses, and flirting on Facebook and other websites. That sexual ...

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Our Favorite Books by Women

Dec 29 2010
Or at least the ones that we read in 2010.

Instead of pulling together a predictable "best of 2010" books list, we at Her.meneutics thought our readers would enjoy a list of our favorite books written by women that we read throughout the year. Enjoy our recommendations, and add your own in the comments ...

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The Best Ever Christmas Gift

Dec 22 2010
Women in particular, it seems to me, have a hard time thinking of themselves as gifts.

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is to re-read "In the Bleak Midwinter," a poem by Christina Rossetti (the sister of famous pre-Raphaelite painter and poet Dante Gabriel Rossetti). The poem is so lovely that it has been set to various musical arrangements ...

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Nancy Pearcey: How to Respond to Doubt

Dec 21 2010
The most effective way to prevent teens from leaving the faith is to openly discuss the reasons they want to.

"Critical thinking?" the radio host burst out. "Most people on the conservative Christian Right would say that's one of the biggest dangers we have—this 'nonsensical' idea of critical thinking."

I was talking with the arch-liberal Barry Lynn, executive director ...

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What Is the Stay-at-Home Daughters Movement?

Dec 20 2010
What the branch of the Christian Patriarchy Movement believes about family and young women.

The blogosphere has been agog recently over one feminist journal's feature-length article, "House Proud: The Troubling Rise of Stay-at-Home Daughters." If you are like me and hadn't heard of the stay-at-home daughters (SAHD) movement, here's a primer.

Sahd is connected ...

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Lynne Hybels: My Lazy Christmas Wish

Dec 16 2010
At 29, 39, and 49, I couldn't imagine an unhurried holiday season. At 59, I have realized that very little matters.

It's 4 on a Thursday morning. I'm wide awake because my 4-year-old grandson, Henry—enjoying a "sleepover" with Nana while Mom and Dad are out of town—woke up at 3 with a sore throat. After a trip to the potty and a few sips of juice, he has drifted ...

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Holiday Shopping for Jesus

Dec 15 2010
How women—who have begun to out-earn men in the U.S. business sector—can use their holiday spending to glorify God.

The statistics aren't available yet, but the questions proliferate: After two years of "anemic" spending in December, will the retail market rebound? Will Americans prop up an ailing economy by spending lots of money on Christmas presents?

Wherever the numbers ...

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'Happy Holidays' in Church?

Dec 14 2010
While some Christian groups continue the battle over seasons-greetings language, I wonder if many churches are forsaking the reason for the season.

Nothing helps us remember the reason for the season like a Walgreen's store clerk who remembers to say "Merry Christmas" when she hands us change from our last-minute Snuggie purchase.

The culture-war frontier has been littered with the debris of yearly Happy Holidays ...

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'Tangled,' Kate Middleton, and Modern Princesses

Dec 10 2010
Why Disney's newest fairy tale—and England's real-life one—give me hope for my 6-year-old niece.

It's a case of ironic timing: while media are enthralled by the prospect of another royal wedding, the Los Angeles Times reports that Disney's newest animated feature, Tangled, marks the end of its fairy tale era. (Disney countered that "the Disney fairytale," ...

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Virtual Flirting Comes to Christian Colleges

Dec 8 2010
Is LikeaLittle.com, the newest fad in Internet dating, a fun diversion or an impediment to healthy community?

A few weeks ago, a student at Cedarville University tipped me off to the latest craze to hit college campuses: LikeaLittle.com. She only half-jokingly ended her e-mail to me with the warning to "creep with care." LikeaLittle is a new website whose tagline is, ...

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A Peter Singer Sympathizer Changes His Mind

Dec 7 2010
After his infant son, August, suffers irreparable brain damage, professor Chris Gabbard re-thinks what makes a life worth living.

The Chronicle of Higher Education, the primary news source for university and college faculty and administrators, recently published a remarkable opinion essay by a University of North Florida English professor about life with his 10-year old son, a legally blind ...

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Christ Lifts the Widow's Veil

Dec 6 2010
In 'The Undistracted Widow,' Carol Cornish says her husband's death opened a door to dependence on God that marriage had not permitted

"How do you celebrate a wedding anniversary with only half of a couple?" asked Margaret Nyman only 26 days short of being wed to Nate for 40 years. Her husband, who had succumbed to pancreatic cancer six weeks after his diagnosis, passed away surrounded by his ...

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'Hallelujah' Comes to the Food Court

Dec 3 2010
Why one performance of Handel's 'Messiah' has attracted an audience of over 7 million.

Bored mall shoppers eat in a food court that could be anywhere in North America. Innocuous holiday music plays in the background. Suddenly, a woman poking at her fast-food tray, cell phone held to her ear, stands up and begins to sing: Hallelujah! A man in a gray ...

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Steve Johnson's Genie-in-a-Bottle God

Dec 1 2010
The Buffalo Bills' wide receiver blamed the Lord via Twitter after he dropped the winning touchdown pass in a 19-16 loss to the Steelers.

Steve Johnson was having a very bad, horrible, terrible day. The 24-year-old wide receiver had the opportunity to give the Buffalo Bills one of their sweetest victories: an unexpected win against the Steelers in overtime.

But he dropped the ball, in the end zone ...

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