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A Walk to Beautiful: A Must-See Film

Jan 29 2010
The Emmy-winning documentary spotlights the plight of women with fistula and the courageous work of Catherine and Reginald Hamlin.

When a woman endures prolonged labor while giving birth, her bladder or rectal tissue rips or tears, forming a fistula, a hole between her birth passage and internal organs. A simple surgery costing $300 can fix the problem, but without access to care—90 ...

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Shaunti Feldhahn: What Hinders Women at Work

Jan 28 2010
The author of 'For Women Only' navigates the tricky gender dynamics at Christian ministries.

According to Catalyst, women hold just 15.2 percent of corporate officer positions at Fortune 500 companies, despite all the professional development and mentoring available to them. Could this in part be because many women are unintentionally undermining themselves ...

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In Iran, a Covert Mission to Bring Women to Jesus

Jan 27 2010
An excerpt from 'Forgotten Girls: Stories of Hope and Courage'.

When Michele heard Naseem speak at a luncheon about her work in Iran, she knew immediately that this was a woman we needed to meet. Naseem had the stories we longed to hear. Naseem was gracious to us, but from the beginning she had a difficult time with our interview. ...

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Women at Halftime: Where to Go Next?

Jan 25 2010
For many women, turning 50 means the best is yet to come.

Recently I was dining with a friend who, like me, works in the media. She is in her mid-40s and realizes that her days on the air are numbered. Putting aside the issue of why it's acceptable for men in their 70s to be on the air but women over 50 are considered ...

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Iris Robinson, Jesus Loves You More Than You Will Know

Jan 22 2010
Speaking grace and truth into Ireland's sex scandal involving a born-again Christian woman.

Sex. Money. Power. Words that call to mind the recent debacles of Tiger Woods and David Letterman and a host of other celebrities before them. And now Iris Robinson—a self-described evangelical Christian and the wife of Northern Ireland's First Minister ...

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Top 10 Posts of the Past 30 Days

Jan 21 2010
In case you missed them the first time, here are the recent posts that got readers talking.

(10) "Disney Croaks with Newest Princess Film," by Elrena Evans // Comments: 13
The voodoo and black magic in The Princess and the Frog made for a disturbing movie-viewing experience.

(9) "Consider the Vampire," by Laura Leonard // Comments: 10 Why the Twilight ...

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'I Lived Next Door to a Brothel'

Jan 21 2010
Guilt is a poor motivator for fighting slavery and sex trafficking. What my sister calls 'active hope' is much better.

Last week President Obama launched a nationwide human trafficking awareness campaign, proclaiming this month National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month.

Leading up to this month, my sister, Marissa, and I began e-mailing back and forth about the injustice ...

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Saved by Spanking

Jan 20 2010
Reconsidering the controversial form of discipline in light of a new study—and timeless Scripture.

I was spanked. Not often, because I was a good kid. But still, I have one clear memory of getting a solid swat across my butt: I was probably 5 and had thrown a doozy of a tantrum in the grocery store. My mom told me that if I didn't calm down, she would ...

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China's Own Marriage Crisis

Jan 19 2010
Gender imbalance due to sex-specific abortions signals imminent crisis in the Chinese family.

Family planning has become a controversial phrase in China, due to the government's One Child Policy, a vast social experiment launched in 1979 to cap population growth and speed up economic development. State media reported recently that more than 24 million ...

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Dr. Grace Augustine: Avatar's Christian Character?

Jan 18 2010
Well, Christian-ish, anyway. Na'vi spirituality seems to mix pantheistic and monotheistic beliefs.

James Cameron, writer and director of Avatar and winner last night of the Golden Globe for Best Director, does not score points for subtlety. The guns are big and loud. The love story is predictable. And the names? There's unobtanium, the element pursued by corporate ...

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Where Was God in the Earthquake?

Jan 15 2010
A theological response to the Haitian calamity from Fleming Rutledge.

At the time of the tsunami in the Indian Ocean, David Bentley Hart, the Eastern Orthodox theologian, wrote a column in The Wall Street Journal that attracted wide attention. Bill Eerdmans, of Eerdmans Publishing, contacted Hart and asked him to expand the column ...

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Would I Have Hid Jews During the Holocaust?

Jan 13 2010
The story of Miep Gies, the Christian Dutch woman who helped hide Anne Frank and preserve her diary, makes me wonder.

This Monday marked the passing of Miep Gies, the last surviving member of the group that hid Anne Frank and her family during the Holocaust. Gies, the Christian Dutch woman who died at age 100 after a fall, is credited with preserving Anne's diary and giving it ...

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Facebook and the Amazing Technicolor Bra Update

Jan 12 2010
Does the bra-color meme—meant to raise cancer awareness—end up hurting women more than it helps them?

If you logged on to Facebook last weekend, you might have noticed a barrage of updates naming colors: Blue. Black. Leopard print. None. (Cue sound effects: "Eww, gross!")

The barrage of colors was part of an effort to "spread the wings of cancer ...

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Disney Croaks with Newest Princess Film

Jan 12 2010
The voodoo and black magic in 'The Princess and the Frog' made for a disturbing movie-viewing experience.

When CT editor Sarah Pulliam Bailey e-mailed Her.meneutics bloggers to ask if anyone would be interested in reviewing The Princess and the Frog, Disney's newest princess film and the first to feature an African American lead, I wrote back right away with a "yes!" ...

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Confession: I Stopped Giving to the Church

Jan 8 2010
There's something psychologically important about writing a check and putting it in the plate.

I stopped tithing a few months ago. Okay, no scandal here. I got married in September, and my husband and I moved to a new area and wanted to find a church. As we slowly combined our finances, it became painful. (He's a cheapskate, and I didn't want him to see ...

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