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Technology's Dark Underbelly

Mar 31 2010
A non-Luddite asks how media saturation shapes our minds and hearts.

When news broke that a Pennsylvania school district was using laptop computers to spy on students in their own homes, I did what seemed the only logical thing to do: I panicked. In a world where airports can view detailed images of passengers' naked bodies in ...

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Therefore Let Us Keep the Feast

Mar 30 2010
Celebrating the Passover meal prepares Christians for Easter.

Last night's sunset marked the beginning of Passover for millions of people worldwide. It is the only major Jewish holiday recognized by most mainstream calendars and celebrated by the U.S. President.

Although the Jewish holiday lasts all week, until sunset next ...

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Minnesota Man Arrested for Prostituting Wife

Mar 29 2010
Clinton Danner's arrest raises questions about Craigslist's culpability in sex trafficking—and about the church's response to criminal offenders.

A Rockford, Minnesota, man was arrested in Chicago two weeks ago for prostituting his wife using Craigslist, transporting her in a van to hotels in eight states and threatening to take away their 3-year-old daughter should she not comply.

Clinton Danner, 32, met ...

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Learning from the Cornell Suicides

Mar 26 2010
The Ivy League school's six suicides in six months serve to remind us of the people in our networks who are struggling privately.

The public image of Cornell University, the Ithaca, New York, Ivy League school, changed drastically this month when news broke that a third student in one month had committed suicide by jumping from Cornell's famed gorges, following three other student suicides ...

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Mixed-Gender Housing, and Mixed-Gender Friendship

Mar 25 2010
Christian colleges likely won't let men and women room together anytime soon. Will they teach men and women how to be friends?

Should men and women room together at college? Last week the Los Angeles Times reported that close to 50 campuses across the U.S. permit those of the opposite sex to room together in what's being called "gender-neutral housing." According to the article, "the ...

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Get Your Free Human Eggs

Mar 24 2010
A recent in vitro fertilization 'raffle' in London entices British women with an unregulated American fertility market. But it's too easy to dismiss that market as a money-grubbing enterprise.

Imagine that you are a woman with an intractable medical problem. You awake each day desperate to find a way to live the life you have dreamed of. Your doctors have offered increasingly sophisticated, invasive, and expensive treatments, to no avail. You have depleted ...

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Top 10 Posts of the Past 30 Days

Mar 24 2010
The posts that got readers talking over the past month.

Thanks to both faithful readers and stumble-upon visitors of the CT women's blog for making March a very successful month so far! We reviewed three new books that opened up important discussion about gender-based education, the toxic cosmetics industry, and race-based ...

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The History of Glenn Beck's 'Social Justice'

Mar 22 2010
While warning of a 'perversion of the gospel,' the radio commentator mangles recent American religious history.

Setting off waves of debate in recent weeks, conservative radio host Glenn Beck advised his listeners on March 2 to leave their churches if they found signs of commitment to "social justice" or "economic justice." Beck called such language ...

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Addicted to Books

Mar 19 2010
My love of reading has too often become another way to stay busy rather than practice 'holy leisure.'

I took three books with me when I went backpacking last weekend.

When you're a backpacking novice like me, every ounce in your backpack matters; after the first mile, you are ready to toss everything except maybe a water bottle and M&Ms to keep you ...

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Finding the Right Words for Disability

Mar 18 2010
Following Jesus' example in John 9, I want to see beyond 'the problem' when I encounter people with disabilities.

The word retarded has made the news lately. The Special Olympics designated March 3rd as a day of awareness about the hurtful and inappropriate ways that word is used. Before that, Sarah Palin excoriated Rahm Emanuel, President Obama's Chief of Staff, after he ...

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Joni Eareckson Tada: Health Care Bill Concerns

Mar 17 2010
Protecting the least among us in health care reform.

A few years ago, I helped write a book, How to Be a Christian in a Brave New World, about the bioethical challenges in the 21st century. Today, one of our foremost ethical challenges is how to accomplish health care reform in a way that respects most Americans' ...

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'Femivores' and Food Ethics

Mar 16 2010
The trend toward locally grown, naturally raised food is giving some women more fulfilling lives than the workplace ever did.

If a daily trip to the vegetable patch to harvest vegetables and to the chicken coop to gather eggs means a woman is a femivore, then so be it, though I think the term is rather silly. Historically speaking, folks who did those things were just called "farmers," ...

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A Sinking Argument on Gender and Courage

Mar 15 2010
Do secular feminists really want men to stop showing courtesy?

Cultural commentator Al Mohler recently covered an unusual study that compared passenger behavior on the Titanic, in 1912, and the Lusitania, in 1915. The study, published this month in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, found that men on the ...

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Should Pro-lifers Call Black Children an 'Endangered Species'?

Mar 11 2010
The controversial Georgia ad implies that, like endangered species, black children should be protected up until they're born.

Perhaps you've heard about the controversial billboard campaign sponsored by Georgia Right to Life, that state's largest pro-life organization, in partnership with a Christian group called the Radiance Foundation. In signs put up around Atlanta, as well as through ...

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A Black Maid's Expose

Mar 10 2010
First-time novelist Kathryn Stockett's 'The Help' uses compelling narrative to illustrate the power of truth telling.

It took me several weeks to finally retrieve The Help from the library's waiting list, but I was determined to find out what the fuss was about. Kathryn Stockett's first novel has appeared on The New York Times bestseller list for 48 weeks. It was worth the wait. ...

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