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Should Christians Use Self-Help Programs?

Mar 29 2011
Many programs teach self-love and self-compassion as a path to inner peace. What is the gospel response?

We were staying with friends, and I was getting ready for the day in their daughter's bathroom. It was a typical tween-age space: cute stickers and sayings posted to the mirror, hair products and cotton balls and drugstore makeup on the shelf. A quote on the mirror ...

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Confessions of a Beth Moore Convert

Mar 29 2011
Why the Bible teacher with the big Texan hair may just be our female Billy Graham.


The now-deceased but ever-respected Michael Spencer warned that this illiteracy was only part of the free-fall that is seeping into evangelicalism. Spencer warned in 2009, in the widely read "The Coming Evangelical Collapse": "Being against gay marriage and ...

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Bill Maher Slurs Sarah Palin, Now Responds

Mar 28 2011
The National Organization for Women seems to believe that being conservative and pro-life means being anti-woman. Not so fast.

When comedian Bill Maher called Sarah Palin a "dumb t—t" on his HBO show last week, few people were holding their breath waiting for the National Organization for Women to come to her defense. But as a matter of fact, NOW—the largest feminist organization ...

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Where Are All the Women City Leaders?

Mar 25 2011
The way the Christian city-renewal movement is being narrated, one would assume all the leaders driving the movement are megachurch pastors.

"What can we do together that we can't do on our own?"

The question silenced a room full of local church leaders at an organizational meeting for a city-reaching network. It was a jolt to the thinking of those who understood themselves as representatives of their ...

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When Christians Get Divorced

Mar 23 2011
A popular Christian blogger recently announced the end of her marriage. How should churches respond to those grieving?

A popular Christian blogger recently announced that she's getting divorced. She knows all the biblical reasons to stay married, and she understands the far-reaching repercussions when Christians divorce. On her personal blog she writes, "I can see why the Scriptures ...

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How I Learned to Love a Show about Mormon Polygamy

Mar 22 2011
Despite its troubling views on marriage and family, HBO's 'Big Love' always felt like an allegory for real people I know.

Years before TLC launched its polygamous reality show Sister Wives, Tom Hanks and company produced HBO's award-winning drama series Big Love, about a family of polygamists who emerged out of a creepy Mormon splinter group.

I've watched all five seasons of Big Love, ...

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Prayers for Japan's Unborn Children

Mar 21 2011
As the country quells a nuclear crisis, I'm reminded that even the best-intentioned parents can't fully protect their children.

I was a fairly relaxed mother-to-be during each of my three pregnancies. I didn't even try to follow the overwrought "Best-Odds Diet" popularized by the blockbuster What to Expect When You're Expecting, for example, preferring my normal, reasonably healthy diet, ...

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The Divine Grace of Diapers and Dirty Laundry

Mar 18 2011
A harried mother of three rediscovers Kathleen Norris's classic 'The Quotidian Mysteries'.

I sat in the chair with a sleeping baby on my lap. I held her close, and I prayed. I prayed about the things I wanted to be doing—responding to e-mail, taking a shower, writing an essay. And I admitted my fears to God: Those things feel so much more important ...

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'Mother Teresa of Our Age' Talks to Her.meneutics

Mar 16 2011
Dr. Catherine Hamlin, 87, has saved countless Ethiopian women's lives through her work repairing fistulas. Most don't know that she labors out of love for Jesus.

Vesicovaginal fistulas (VVFs) and the people who champion their eradication are fascinating. For Dr. L. Lewis Wall's Christianity Today piece "Jesus and the Unclean Woman," I spent a lot of time learning about VVFs for the accompanying news article, and enjoyed ...

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The Newest Gnostic Christian Diet

Mar 15 2011
Lysa TerKeurst's 'Made to Crave comes' dangerously close to suggesting that food is bad.

There's a long history behind Lysa Terkeurst's bestseller, Made to Crave,recently out from Zondervan. All jokes about "Calorie Baptist Church" and attendance-boosting potlucks aside, American evangelicals have long worried about weight, health, and food. Early ...

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Assaulted Woman to Be Kept Alive, Rules India Court

Mar 14 2011
Until the story of Aruna Shanbaug, I had never heard the phrase "passive euthanasia," let alone grappled with whether or not I participated in it nearly 20 years ago.

On March 7, India's Supreme Court decided a landmark case that will allow life support to be legally removed from some terminally ill patients. The ruling involved the case of a woman who has been in a vegetative state since she was sexually assaulted and suffered ...

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The Charlie Sheen Has Worn Off

Mar 11 2011
This Lent, given the disturbed actor's slow self-wrecking, I'd like to fast from celebrity news.

For the past few months, Charlie Sheen has given our distraction-hungry culture a particularly delectable snack. "Hey look over here!" he grins. His grandiose, self-delusional bragging, his unapologetic hedonism, and his remarkable ability—whether it's a ...

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The King's Speech and Doulas

Mar 10 2011
What King George VI's speech therapist, Lionel Logue, and I have in common.

Turns out that Lionel Logue, the speech therapist to King George VI, played beautifully by Geoffrey Rush in The King's Speech, had no formal training in speech therapy, or any kind of therapy, in fact. So what did he have?

Lots of qualities shared by a good doula, ...

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Catherine Clark Kroeger, Remembered

Mar 9 2011
The New Testament scholar's impact on so many lives was on display at this weekend's memorial service at Gordon-Conwell.

It's hard to do justice to a lifetime of Christian service in just over an hour. But for a group of 75 professors, students, and family who gathered this weekend at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary's Kaiser Chapel for the memorial service of Catherine Clark ...

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Women Step to Frontline in Mideast Protests

Mar 3 2011
Women's political gains will be a litmus test for fledgling governments in Egypt, Tunisia, and Bahrain, says Council on Foreign Relations senior fellow.

Unless you've been hiding under a rock without wi-fi for the past month, you know the world has witnessed waves of political change in the Middle East. On February 11, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak relinquished control of the country to the military, and stepped ...

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