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Halloween and the Werewolf Within

Oct 31 2011
Two new Christian books embrace monster stories as ways to understand the human heart.

I snuggled up close to my daughter as we each cracked open our brand-new books, ready for some quiet reading time. It lasted about 30 seconds.

"Listen," Greta said. "You'll love this." She launched into the description the narrator—a 10-year-old boy named ...

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Holy Hot Flashes! A Spiritual Take on Menopause

Oct 28 2011
How the mysterious life stage changes a woman's capacity to nurture others.

Belly fat? Check.

Hot flashes? Check.

Sleep problems, mental fog, AWOL menstrual cycles? Oh yes.

The desire to nurture others? Pfffft. Gone. Current thinking on menopause tells us that the caretaking "instinct" is nothing more than a relic of a woman's reproductive ...

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Tattooed Barbie: You've Come a Long Way!

Oct 27 2011
Barbie is art imitating life (and vice-versa).

A new limited-edition Barbie is raising eyebrows with her punky pink bob and smattering of tattoos. Barbie has had tattoos before, but those were of the temporary butterfly variety and thus decidedly less hardcore. The mild uproar this doll has incurred is to ...

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A Real Christian Education

Oct 26 2011
My daughter Penny reveals that academic success is not always connected to test scores.

Our daughter Penny started kindergarten six weeks ago. At the end of her first day of school, she greeted me with, "Mom! I didn't miss you!" She's loved every moment since. I'm sure much of her experience is typical—she walks to school, she works on spelling ...

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'Just' a Stay-at-Home Mom

Oct 25 2011
So I'm liberated from home life. But what if I 'want' to be there?

I am a product of second-wave feminism of the 1960s. By the time I was a child in the '80s, movies were full of women in shoulder-padded jackets leading employees from their corporate desks. The working mom was alive and well, figuring out how to balance her professional ...

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We're Just Friends. No, Really

Oct 24 2011
Our culture - and church's - obsession with romance has crowded out the chance for real friendship between men and women.

I was sitting at my friend Andrew's dining table in the mid afternoon. I had stopped by to pick up a book I needed for a writing project and decided to stay and work with him a while. It was quiet and peaceful and he was bent intently over his work. I slipped ...

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Exotic Animals and Kingdom Ethics

Oct 21 2011
Principles for why we should avoid treating all animals as possessions.

In the tight-laced society of 18th and 19th-century England, bull baiting, bear baiting, and cock fighting were popular forms of entertainment. Thanks to the efforts of William Wilberforce and other evangelical Christians (who were hard at work abolishing slavery ...

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Why Church Matters

Oct 19 2011
How we can remind each of the need for the church to play a central role in our lives.

Recently I wrote a blog post entitled, Spiritual Abuse: 10 Ways to Spot it. While I'm not an expert on spiritually abusive churches or ministries, I've had my share of negative experiences, some bordering on abuse.

As I read through the comments, I saw a lot of ...

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When Child Discipline Becomes Abuse

Oct 17 2011
Inside the book that has recently been cited in three cases of child murder.

A Washington couple was recently charged with the death of their 11-year-old daughter, Hana, whom they disciplined by withholding food and shutting out of the house; she died of hypothermia and showed evidence of malnutrition. Last year, 7-year-old Lydia Schatz ...

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Go Marry, Young Man!

Oct 13 2011
Ted Cunningham argues that marrying young has its benefits.

In his recent book, Young and in Love: Challenging the Unnecessary Delay of Marriage (Cook) pastor Ted Cunningham joins a conversation that hit the media spotlight a few years ago with Christianity Today's cover story "The Case for Early Marriage," ...

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An Open Letter to DC Comics

Oct 13 2011
How to stop making it so hard for me to love you.

Dear DC Comics,Since you are my favorite comic book publisher, I am so excited that your risky decision to reboot 52 of your comic book titles seems to be paying off.I haven't been in a comic-book store in a while—and not just because I have been told "the ...

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A Christian Response to Gay Bullying

Oct 12 2011
Christians can defend bullied kids 'and' articulate God's design for human sexuality.

A few weeks ago, Jamey Rodemeyer was found dead by his parents in their Buffalo, New York, home. But Rodemeyer's death was different. The 14-year-old was one of many young people who have committed suicide over bullying and taunting over sexuality. Last year, ...

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Why It's Your Job to Break the Women's Ministry Stereotype

Oct 11 2011
Sure, some of us are choking on cutesy things, but many of us are working towards a new model of discipleship.

I remember the day I parted ways with the old model of women's ministry. I was sitting in a hotel ballroom full of women. The speaker shared a gut-wrenching testimony that elicited a few sniffles from the crowd, which gradually grew into sobs, which snowballed ...

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Grumble Hallelujah on the Kitchen Floor

Oct 10 2011
Why lamenting needs to be part of our Christian lives and our churchy conversations.

As I lay on the kitchen floor—my body rocking with sobs, my mouth telling my husband, "I hate my life"—it never occurred to me to pick up the phone and call a friend. To tell someone that the life I was living, in which rug after rug kept getting pulled ...

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Taking a Break from Your Spouse

Oct 6 2011
Research and experience confirm that time away from one's spouse actually strengthens the marital bond.

If the mathematics of marriage is two becoming one, how do you factor in couples that have decided that some temporary division improves the odds of their relationship's longevity?

A recent Slate piece highlighted one of the findings from Iris Krasnow's recent ...

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