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'Unbroken' by Jesus

Sep 30 2011
Louie Zamperini's life included Olympic races, torture, and starving on shark-infested waters, but the real thrill was a 1949 Billy Graham crusade.

Update: Louis Zamperini died July 2, 2014 at age 97.

Look at the word unbroken.


It makes good sense, then, that Laura Hillenbrand used the prefix in the title of her new biography, Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption. ...

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The Saving Grace of a Shared Meal

Sep 29 2011
Recovering a lost tradition in Jesus' name.

A number of recent studies have confirmed what we've intuitively understood all along: Eating with others keeps us healthier, happier, and better connected to each other. Even so, shared meals—especially ones at home—have been on the decline for some ...

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Ben & Jerry's 'Schweddy Balls' and Scatological Humor

Sep 27 2011
Why I'm not joining 'one million moms' in a boycott.

So, one million moms are up in arms over "Schweddy Balls," the, uh, gutsy, name of Ben and Jerry's newest flavor: rum-flavored vanilla ice cream adorned with fudge-covered malt balls.

One would think such an unsavory name for something that should appeal to taste ...

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Why I No Longer Pray for a Husband

Sep 26 2011
Lessons in longing, hunger, and trust.

Could fasting and prayer ever be a kind of sin? That was more or less the implication of one person's response to the news that I had joined a group who weekly fast and pray about marriage and singleness. (And yes, we're mostly female and mostly single.)

Perhaps ...

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Spanking in the Spirit?

Sep 23 2011
In 'Corporal Punishment in the Bible', William Webb says pro-spankers like James Dobson and Wayne Grudem are less jot-and-tittle than they realize.

Each week, it seems, stories of parents arrested for spanking their children make the news. Periodically, proposed bans on spanking are considered, but are typically shot down on grounds that such bans tread on parents' rights. Such bans are also met with ...

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Real, Authentic Authenticity

Sep 22 2011
It's an attribute that disappears as soon as it's intentionally sought.

The top-read Her.meneutics post of all time was Karen Swallow Prior's "Doing Authentic Ministry with My Smokin' Hot Bride," published this July. To avoid misleading any church planters who might read the piece in earnest, the subtitle helpfully clarified that ...

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Coming Home after Hurricane Irene

Sep 21 2011
The place where our family played, worked, and fell in love for nearly 100 years was destroyed. So it's not "just a house."

For New York City, Hurricane Irene was largely a non-event, an unnecessary nuisance with unprecedented action. For me and my extended family, Hurricane Irene was a life-changing storm. Sure, there were power outages and phone lines down and flooding and roads ...

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Chaz Bono Brings Transgender Issues to TV

Sep 19 2011
His appearance on 'Dancing with the Stars' brings gender issues to the national spotlight, eliciting consternation and praise. How will Christians respond?

After ABC announced the newest lineup for Dancing with the Stars(DWTS), many were taken aback by the backlash of comments about contestant Chaz Bono.

Formerly Chastity Bono, Chaz is the first transgender competitor on the show, which is also what he is best known ...

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Welcoming Doubt to Christian Education

Sep 16 2011
Reflections on the Cardus Education Survey from a department chair at the world's largest evangelical university.

I started school at age 5 and never left once. My formal education was entirely secular: public schools, then a private college, followed by graduate school at a state university. My teaching career began in Sunday school, continued in a business school, then ...

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Inviting Christ to the Dinner Table

Sep 14 2011
A conversation with theologian Norman Wirzba, author of 'Food and Faith: A Theology of Eating'.

While eating for optimal health and weight loss has been an American obsession for at least 100 years, the past decade has seen growth of a different kind of awareness; a food movement comprising culinary, agricultural, ethical, and environmental concerns. Writers ...

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Why Singles Need Married Friends

Sep 13 2011
Instead of looking to celebrity couples to uphold our marital ideals, we should look to real couples in our midst.

I breathed a sigh of relief upon finding out the rumors of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith's separation were false.

In Touch magazine first reported the couple's split, after 13 years of marriage. Rumors of infidelity quickly followed, and later it seems Pinkett ...

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The Sin Behind My Swearing

Sep 12 2011
Cussing out the didgeridoo in front of 5 kids only illuminated a bigger problem.

In my defense, it hadn't been a good afternoon.

My 6-year-old had a friend over, so I was watching five kids instead of the usual four. My 4-year-old was crying because the game he wanted to play on the computer wasn't working, my 3-month-old was crying because ...

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Are Evangelical Women Primarily Interested in Parenthood?

Sep 9 2011
Maybe many are, but there is so much more to the story. Welcome to Her.meneutics.

Rachel Held Evans is soon to complete her "year of Biblical womanhood," which has included stunts like sleeping outside in a tent during her period and following her "Biblical Woman's Ten Commandments," which include "thou shalt submit to thy husband's will in ...

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Mia: Men Who Don't Use Pornography

Sep 8 2011
For a new survey on prostitution, researchers had a hard time finding men who don't buy sex, whether embodied or digital.

I don't remember much about sex education in 10th grade, other than anxiety about what topics I might have to discuss with peers. But I do remember a woman who came to our private, secular school to talk about "chastity." She kept me enthralled as she explained ...

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Inside the Heart of an Animal Hoarder

Sep 7 2011
When a love for pets goes terribly awry.

Cruelty, like love, takes many forms.

Perhaps the most sinister form of cruelty comes in the guise of love. One need not look far within the human family to find this kind of brokenness. But such brokenness extends to the animal kingdom, too.

Consider the animal ...

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