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The Wall Builders: A Parable about the Gender Debates

Apr 27 2012
A tale about a small kingdom, the kingdom-dwellers, and the great wall that divided them.

There once was a small kingdom where a good sort of folk dwelled. They believed in honest work, loving-kindness, and mutual sharing, and tried to get along peaceably with each other—though sometimes that was hard.

The center of the kingdom was encircled by a mighty wall. Behind the wall lived the king and his attendants. The kingdom dwellers had never passed through the wall; they could only imagine what lay beyond it. Many tales were told about what happened there, but no one knew which tales might be true. Even so, the kingdom dwellers could admire the beauty and glory of the wall, its long history and its rich tradition. And so they did.

The kingdom dwellers were busy building the kingdom. They did so by working hard, loving one another, and peacefully resolving their occasional quarrels. When old homes needed repair, they repaired them. When wells needed digging, they dug them. When clothes needed mending, they mended them. When the sick needed visiting, they visited them. They grew sweet fruits in abundance and fat vegetables from rich soil. From time to time, they paused from their kingdom-building to repair the wall by refreshing its paint, repairing its cracks, and cultivating the lovely foliage that grew against it.

But over the years, other work left the once-splendid wall neglected, and the wall began to age. The wooden planks that had once hugged each other tightly shrank and splintered. Some of the boards broke, and gaps in the wall appeared here and there. Some people began to grow even more curious about what lay behind the wall. They pressed their faces against the wall to peer through to the other side. But all they could get were glimpses. Some thought from time to time that they might have spied the king! But they couldn't be sure.

Some kingdom dwellers began thinking about taking the wall down. They wanted to see what was on the other side. And they wanted to be on the other side like the others. Besides, the wall didn't seem to serve any purpose, after all. Why should it be there?

But other kingdom dwellers loved the wall and went to work to repair it. One day, while tending the wall, someone removed a dying plant that lay against it. When the tall brush was pulled away, letters that had been carved long ago into the ancient wood could be seen. The letters were barely visible from under the peeling layers of paint and decay, but eventually, after some squinting and scraping, those who had gathered around could faintly make out the letters:

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