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Why a Funeral Is Not the Time to Rejoice

Feb 29 2012
We can let this season of Lent be Lent, so that Easter can be Easter.

A funeral is, most certainly, a time for reflecting on and being reminded of the Christian hope; the Book of Common Prayer calls for a prayer that asks God to confirm in each heart the ancient truths of our faith:

"help us, we pray, in the midst of things we cannot ...

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Duke It Out for Them: Why Kids Need to See Their Parents Fight

Feb 28 2012
Seeing parents fight—and resolve it—can teach kids how to love despite disagreements.

I stormed into the house, stopping only to shake the snow off my boots before hissing at my husband as he poured his coffee: "I cannot believe you didn't fill up the Yukon yesterday."

"You always take the Corolla when you drive the kids," he shrugged. "That has ...

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'I'm Dad, the Babysitter,' and Other Cultural Myths

Feb 27 2012
As more parents spend time working at home, the entire family benefits.

For almost six months, Coach Selby and I have lived with mild tension about our sons' music lessons. The oldest boy began violin two years ago, and while he won't be playing Carnegie any time soon, he's good. The twins are a different story. It took almost four ...

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Role Reversal: The Problem of the Increasing Marginalization of Men

Feb 24 2012
Men and women should find balance, not switch dominance.

A world away, a men's rights movement is afoot.

Welcome to the matriarchal society of Meghalaya, India, where, in a vast reversal of traditions the world over, property names and wealth are passed along from mother to daughter instead of father to son. Women have ...

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Coveting Cover to Cover: Why I Gave Up Vogue for Lent

Feb 23 2012
Fashion magazines were eating up my heart.

My junior year of college, I gave up Vogue for Lent.

Some people fast for forty days. Some give up sugar, or pray for someone daily, or get really crazy and give up Facebook. I gave up a pretentious, ad-filled, once-monthly magazine. And since Lent is forty days ...

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Marriage, War, and Lent: Practicing Love During Separation

Feb 22 2012
What my husband's military deployment has taught me about the spiritual disciplines.

Among other heart-shaped headlines last week, the world's most famous newlyweds spent their first married Valentine's Day separated by an ocean, courtesy of a military deployment.

This was week two of what's expected to be six weeks solo for Kate Middleton, whose ...

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Want to Follow God? Go to Sleep

Feb 21 2012
Why rest is paramount to a "successful" spiritual life.
Want to Follow God? Go to Sleep
Phil and Pam Gradwell / Flickr

I'm fanatical about a lot of things: coffee, books, clothes, work, running—not necessarily in that order (in case my employers are reading this). But more than any of these activities, I'm fanatical about sleep. Like Brooke Shields and her Calvin ...

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Clothing in Church: Why It Matters

Feb 20 2012
Like everything else in creation, what we wear can either glorify—or dishonor—God and others.

My little brother is one of my favorite people. He is patient and gentle and considerate and funny. (Although I would never tell him that.) He is in his last year at Westmont College, my alma mater, and for the past few years has been putting his music composition ...

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Fractured Fairy Tale: The Appeal and the Danger of 'Once Upon a Time'

Feb 17 2012
The show's emphasis on the power of love is its strength—and weakness.

ABC's big surprise hit this year doesn't feature lawyers, police officers, doctors, or any other primetime staples. It features princesses, imps, talking crickets, magic mirrors, and an evil queen.

Once Upon a Time has consistently scored high in the ratings this ...

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Unplanned Parenthood: The Blessing of an Inconvenient Pregnancy

Feb 16 2012
For many women, pregnancy reveals just how far we've bowed to the god of control.

About a year ago my husband and I began to consider expanding our family. We spent countless hours thinking, talking, and praying about this giant step. We are both in school with little income to speak of, so we weren't sure how it would all come together. But ...

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The Problem with Westminster Kennel Club's View of Pet Adoption

Feb 15 2012
The annual dog show could have served as an imperfect model of the love the Church could offer.

In some ways, the story made a decision much easier for me. No longer would I be tempted to duck out of a family birthday celebration early to catch Westminster Kennel Club's (WKC) 136th Annual Dog Show. Now I would gladly miss it.

Why? The WKC's decision to part ...

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On Valentine's Day, Praying for Men Who Buy Sex

Feb 14 2012
Why I'm praying for the johns today—and you can, too.

Her.meneutics isn't in the habit of encouraging thought experiments, but try this one for a moment.

If you kept a log of all your thoughts and remarks about men in a given day, what types of statements would be listed? Or, put another way: How many words ...

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Why You Could Be in a 'Sh*tuff People Say' Meme

Feb 13 2012
The YouTube trend can help us understand what we're really saying.

Have you seen Into the Woods? The musical, written by Stephen Sondheim, opened on Broadway in 1987 and has been produced uncountable times since then. The play weaves together the stories of Little Red Riding Hood, Jack (of Beanstalk fame), and Rapunzel, among ...

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Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament: Nancy Guthrie on Her Newest Bible Study

Feb 9 2012
The poetry and proverbs of the Bible offer a unique view of Christ.

For some, the prospect of studying the Old Testament appears daunting and quite boring. But in recent years, theologians, pastors, and Bible teachers have for laity begun connecting Christ to the Old Testament, seeing him in everything from the Levitical laws ...

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John Piper and the Rise of Biblical Masculinity

Feb 9 2012
Why many church leaders are tempted to confuse cultural norms with biblical truth.

We've been hearing a lot about masculine Christianity lately.

By now we're used to hearing Mark Driscoll campaign for more masculine church leaders and expressions of Christianity; late last year, Reformed pastor Douglas Wilson invited Driscoll to his church to ...

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