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Why Adoption Is the Best Way to Stop Abortion

Why Adoption Is the Best Way to Stop Abortion

Nov 8 2012
It is time we begin to see adoption as a viable, systemic, and bipartisan solution.

I was 4 when my father ran for Congress as a pro-life Democrat. He was just my dad, but as he stood for the unborn, I saw courage. Now as a married 28-year-old mother of three, I don't see myself as courageous, just obedient, as I too am compelled to raise my voice to protect life.

After receiving a master's degree in social work, I became director of a private adoption agency. Working with the adoption community, I recognized how much the adoption process needed reform. I saw how complex the adoption process is, its weaknesses and room for improvement. I saw many doing great work; I also saw many abusing the system. I saw the inordinate burden placed on parents, and the unnecessary delays, inconsistent standards, and frequent failure to meet the needs of both parents and children. As I tried to alleviate the burdens, I grew frustrated. Buoyed by his Spirit, I envisioned a way to decrease the inefficiencies and to make adoption the most viable, humane, cost-effective, and prevalent choice for mothers with unwanted pregnancies.

In the spring of 2011, after months of preparation, I launched Adoption-Share, an independent and highly complex website meant to connect and link together all qualified parties involved in the process: birth parents, adoptive parents, and licensed private adoption entities, such as agencies and attorneys. The site functions much the same as Facebook, but is restricted to those interested in adopting.

Simply put, Adoption-Share is a connector. It allows women who are considering adoption for their children—born but mostly unborn—to communicate with both those seeking to adopt and with licensed adoption agencies. For expectant mothers who are abortion-minded or perhaps resistant to adoption due to preconceptions of what it entails, Adoption-Share is an innovative, confidential, and non-intrusive way for her to explore this option and connect with a licensed agency in her state.

As I began to champion adoption, seeking support from both those who share my same views on life and those who do not, I soon found that when it comes to "options counseling" in the United States, we are not having a complete conversation. When a woman is confronted with an unwanted pregnancy, most will think in terms of only two options: parenting, or abortion. With an estimated 3,300 abortions occurring daily, and only about 50 private adoption placements taking place in this same time frame within the United States, it is time we begin to see adoption as a viable, systemic, and bipartisan solution to abortion.

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Why Adoption Is the Best Way to Stop Abortion