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The Quest for a Bigger, Better, Cuter Pregnancy

The Quest for a Bigger, Better, Cuter Pregnancy

Mar 12 2013
In an age of gender reveal cakes and ultrasound parties, it's not enough to just be pregnant anymore.

So, what's a Christian to do?

Before we ride off on our maternal high horse, we should remember that there is nothing wrong with these new decorations, celebrations, and events for pregnant moms and babies. As we chose to buy into the latest pregnancy trend—or not—we must uphold our view that babies are a blessing and avoid seeing them as just another part of the party. Like so much else in our culture, we are susceptible to commercializing even the most precious experience. Our heart behind our choices is ultimately what matters.

Our extravagance over pregnancy, though, may indicate something more. It ties our quest for the next big thing, this endless pursuit for bigger and better. If you're having a baby, that baby IS the big thing. It's not about the ultrasound pictures, the gender reveal party, the baby shower, or even the pregnancy itself. It's about a the baby itself.

Our culture can glamorize pregnancy, while leaving the baby as an afterthought, but we should not. A pregnancy shouldn't be more about the pregnancy than the new life it holds.

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