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Raising Christian Kids in a Sex-Filled Cultureschmeeve / iStock

Raising Christian Kids in a Sex-Filled Culture

Nov 21 2013
We can’t isolate our kids from sin, but we can teach them to recognize it and learn from it.

All of us, not just parents—because it takes a village and church to raise a child—need to promote the good of one another and treat each other "in a way that befits" our worth. We need to learn how to love—especially when it's difficult. Please, wise ones, teach us! We need a re-education in love.

How do we instill the broader vision, the vision of bountiful life and love in the peaceable kingdom? More specifically, how do we impart a deep knowledge that sex outside its proper context and beholding porn poisons our flourishing because in those cases we aren't loving our God, our neighbors, or ourselves? As St. Anthony said "Our life and our death are with our neighbor."

Shawn and I will do our best to set appropriate boundaries while teaching our daughters about porn and sex in the broader theological context of love, justice, and flourishing. Our daughters' unique personalities, their inclinations and dispositions (including their weaknesses), as well as their peer context will help us in setting these boundaries. We'll do our best not to isolate and overprotect while striving to model what it means to love one another. But we can't do it alone. We need the church's help.

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