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Does Housework Even Matter Anymore?

Jan 10 2014
Why we (at least try to) keep clean while the world embraces mess.

I think Marche has it partially right: obsessing over the cleanliness of our homes is not worth it. There are many more valuable things we can do with our time than mopping once a week. But we can't leave our homes a total mess, because they are a reflection of God's blessing, a place of worship and a sacred shelter for us and others from the busyness and brokenness of the world. Our homes are holy ground.

Melanie Rainer works at Creative Trust where she produces and writes church and family spiritual formation resources. She muses occasionally at melanie-rainer.squarespace.com and studies at Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis, where she and her husband make their (fairly messy) home.

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Does Housework Even Matter Anymore?