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January 18, 2013  5:18pm

Friends we truly trust can probably deceive us any time they really want to. R. Glenn Brown

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Tim Fall

January 17, 2013  5:58pm

Good job getting us thinking about falsehoods and the human condition, Lesley. It's amazing what some people will believe. Then it happens to me and I'm even more amazed that I was duped too. But the real problem is when I am the one doing the duping. I hide things and fight the temptation to paint myself in a better light than I really am all the time. God knows the real me though and loves me enough to have died for me anyway. Cheers, Tim (timfall.wordpress.com)

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January 17, 2013  1:57pm

I happen to believe Manti Te'o. Nothing in the article goes anywhere close to proving that the football was anything other than duped. I feel sorry for this young man who now is under the spotlight for simply being foolish.

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