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Michelle van loon

February 02, 2013  10:00am

My experience of watching the Super Bowl, which has more to do with eating carb-laden snack food, commenting on 4 million dollar commercials minutes and cringing my way through bloated half time entertainment, has never been an invitation to prayer for me before. Your Pray For The Johns initiative will change that for me tomorrow.

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Tim Fall

February 01, 2013  2:43pm

Anna, nice job going through Crouch's five questions. One thing I do is try to remember that the talent of those athletes is given them by God. Same thing when watching shows like So You Think You Can Dance, or attending a concert or going to the theatre. I can't say I always have that thought in mind, but I return to it along the way. Cheers, Tim (timfall.wordpress.com)

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Jennifer roach

February 01, 2013  2:43pm

I too am concerned about the increased human trafficking at events like these. Great idea to pray during the natural breaks in the game. But I have to disagree with one aspect of this article. As an Anglican, I have also come to love the church seasons...but I think its important to keep the seasons in the seasons. The Super Bowl is 10 whole days before Lent. Its not in Lent. To act like it is takes away from observing the season of Ordinary Time where is actually is located. Plus, it happens on a Sunday, and Sundays are never fasting days, even in Lent. If you give up sugar for Lent, for example, you can still have it on Sundays because every Sunday is a "mini Easter."

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