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February 14, 2013  1:52pm

I am a wife and a pastor. It occurred to me while reading this article that perhaps the men out there who are finding themselves "pastor's wives" may be able to help buck the steriotype of what it looks like to be the spouse of a pastor.

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Loreli Cockram

February 13, 2013  2:46pm

I am a pastor's wife... This article REALLY made me process what my "role," "position," "identity" is! There are stereotypes of pastor's wives that have clouded the way and I'd like to propose a NEW understanding. Had to write a blog about it: http://wp.me/phCVA-zf Thanks for getting the conversation started! *Loreli*

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Deserie Fernandez

February 13, 2013  11:49am

I thought the show was pretty on point.I give them props for being who they are on tv.They are more fearless than most christians I come across.They are on their own journey and own it. God is working stuff out in their lives & its a process. Although most pastors wives did not sign up for the position of pastors wives just demonstrating simple kindness isn't too much of a stretch is it?I have yet to come across a pastors wife who isnt bitter, over assuming, super "discerning", afraid,wearing a mask, controlling and/or just completely non existent.We are all role models influencers to some extent. If a pastors wife does not want to be in the spotlight I say just be real and say so. Maybe then people will be more willing to be who they really are too. Honesty is the best policy and no one can do it all. Im not here to be your everything-the end. I have way more respect for that then people being non existent or wearing the mask of elitism

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Rachel Stephan Simko

February 12, 2013  1:13pm

"It is an antiquated and strange notion to view a woman as an extension of her husband's occupation. Yet for some reason, we insist on doing this with pastor's wives." This is why, every time my husband confesses he wants to become a pastor, I fill with anxiety. Ultimately, we'll do it if God really wants us to, but I absolutely cringe from the idea. I've seen what churches can do to pastors and their families, and I am NOT a typical "pastor's wife," nor will I ever be. My consolation is in witnessing the un-pastor-wifey-ness of my own pastor's wife and how everyone still loves her. It CAN be done, but it is not without struggle. (evenonesparrow.blogspot.com)

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Jessica Parker

February 12, 2013  11:27am

This article affirms my recent hope to offer Life Coaching to the population of pastor's wives! I absolutely believe that a wife of a pastor has been made uniquely for a purpose, which is not only to support her husband, but to also fulfill the purposes God has given her because of the passions He has laid on her heart! If you are a wife of a pastor and would like to explore this, please contact me! I would love to help! www.coachjes.com. I'm so thankful this article was written!

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Displaying 6–10 of 21 comments.

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