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S Griffin

February 22, 2013  4:51pm

Great comment Steve Skeete but Bobby Brown did not get Whitney involved with drugs, her own brother did which he recently admitted to. My issue is why is so much attention being paid to Rihanna and Chris, is it just because they are celebrities. We don't give this much attention to everyday folks involved in domestic violence situations. If that's where Rihanna wants to be, let her be there, you can't force her to leave him. When she gets sick and tired of being sick and tired, she will make a change, hopefully. Until then, pray for them and keep it moving.

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Steve Skeete

February 14, 2013  3:51pm

Stop pretending you don't know why supposedly bright, intelligent, wealthy not to mention beautiful young women fall for 'bad boys' like Chris? If you really don't know ask Whitney why she allowed another 'bad, bad, Bobby Browne' to take her on board a speeding train named addiction headed for a major crash. 'My truth' is what keeps the tongues wagging. It sells magazine with your face on the cover, and gets you another opportunity to talk to Oprah. Thousands of periodicals are dedicated to 'My truth'; without it where would 'good girls gone bad be? I bet she is laughing! All the way to the Grammy Awards, and all the way to the bank. The beautiful princess falls for the ugly troll, whom she hopes will one day become a prince. Yeah, right! It's all an act ladies, it's called show-business.

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Steph MacDonald

February 13, 2013  3:45pm

Christians should read Total Truth by Nancy Pearcey. And How Should We Then Live by Francis Schaeffer.

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Doug Knox

February 13, 2013  7:33am

While the comments regarding variants of biblical truth are accurate, the point that human beings continue to relativize truth is secondary. More importantly, Sharon has documented a manner of thinking in our postmodern culture while it is taking place. Insights as timely as this are rare. Thank you, Sharon, for an excellent post.

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Kathleen Mch

February 12, 2013  11:59pm

"My truth" is no different from "God told me to (fill in the blank)" or "God wants me to (fill in the blank)." It does, however, seem to be more honest, since it doesn't try to whitewash personal delusions as endorsed by some deity.

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Jim Ricker

February 12, 2013  5:32pm

"My truth" is just a shorter version of, "doing what is right in my own eyes."

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Rachel Stephan Simko

February 12, 2013  1:07pm

Reinterpreting the Bible or God as "my truth" is just another way of proof-texting and being comfortable with your sin. My brother once said, "If you're comfortable with the Bible, then you are reading it right." (evenonesparrow.blogspot.com)

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February 12, 2013  6:12am

It seems that "my truth" is just a more current expression of the ever popular, yet deadly, "My way."

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Tim Fall

February 11, 2013  4:53pm

Sharon, it seems that when people claim "my truth" what they're really saying is "my reality". And of course that makes no sense, unless the person is a diehard existentialist. But even then it's nonsense. God's the only one who can say "I am" without reference to anyone or anything else. The rest of us and the reality in which we live is always in reference to God. Some people just don't know it yet. Cheers, Tim (timfall.wordpress.com) P.S. Grady, that was Rhiannon, not Rihanna. I saw Fleetwood Mac perform it at the Cow Palace better than 30 years ago. Great concert.

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Grady Walton

February 11, 2013  3:58pm

My truth is this: Rihanna who? The last time I devoutly followed popular music, “Rihanna” was a title song by Fleetwood Mac. (But why let my shortcomings in knowledge of current pop music dissuade me from weighing in on the subject.) Seriously though, this is a very well-written and studious article. But at the risk of sounding critical, the church is no stranger to relativist “my truth” philosophy. Consider these statements: Contemporary worship music is my truth. Old hymns are my truth. Liturgical worship is my truth. Topical charismatic worship is my truth. Speaking in tongues is my truth. The Bible has replaced the work of the Holy Spirit is my truth. The King James Version is my truth. The New Living Translation is my truth. The Lutheran denomination is my truth. Non-denominational church is my truth. Infant baptism is my truth. Infant dedication is my truth. And so on. Of course, I understand that some of these “truths” are matters of style, not truth. But some are indeed matters of truth and falsehood within the faith of Christianity. I am conflicted on this issue. On one hand I love that Christians have a tremendous variety to choose from in the development and expression of our faith, on the other hand I wonder if we don’t cater too much to individualism. Ultimately, those who seek truth must be willing to find truth no matter what it looks like, not how they want it to be.

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Sharon Miller

February 11, 2013  2:43pm

Karen, I think your last question is a really good one, and it's one I considered also. When it comes to abusive relationships, it's important to make a distinction between forgiveness and remaining in an abusive situation. Forgiveness does not require a victim to remain in close contact with their abuser. In fact, forgiveness doesn't exclude reporting an abuser to the police. As far as Brown is concerned, he very may well have reformed. There is no way that we can know that. What we do know is the statistics about repeat offenders and, in light of those statistics, what is wise for the victims of abuse. Perhaps Rihanna's friends and family believe this is a different situation now and totally support her. And perhaps Brown may never harm her again. But I am concerned that women in similar situations will follow her example instead of listening to their friends and family, and they will not have the same happy ending.

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Luis Davila

February 11, 2013  2:41pm

Really, really!

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Karen Smith

February 11, 2013  2:31pm

Also - in regards to the actual situation, as opposed to the spiritual discussion of "my truth" vs. "the truth" - What ever happened to forgiveness? (Not that I'd go back to him if I were her... but if I were her, I wouldn't have done a lot of things she does!) -- She's an individual, and she believes he's reformed. To many others, that may make her a foolish victim and a bad example to the millions that are abused, but to me it just makes her someone that believes in forgiveness. Are we as Christians now being called to condemn that?

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Karen Smith

February 11, 2013  2:25pm

@Steven F Kindle - There is no "my truth". There is only "THE Truth". That truth may be perceived differently ("from a different point of view", as old Obi-Wan might say), that truth might be clouded by this thing we call language (there is so much we humans cannot explain in words, but understand instinctively), but there is only one truth. Whether this is a situation that this applies to, I can't say - I do think this is properly tagged with "Gossip" though, and has no business being here. As for the Pope abdictating today, you should actually read the news, not just hear it. He announced his abdictation today, but isn't actually abdictating until Feb 28th.

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Tamara Crolla

February 11, 2013  2:22pm

So Calvinism is the only true truth, eh? Isn't it interesting that Jesus said He was the Truth. And here we have Christians claiming the Bible is the truth. Bible idolatry. Also, the victim blaming is unbecoming of Christians who claim to love. Looking down on abuse victims for having a different life philosophy than you.... Gross.

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Steven F Kindle

February 11, 2013  1:09pm

Since I'm not entitled to "my truth," I guess I'll have to settle for yours. That's not a very inviting prospect. I thought the pope abdicated today.

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Cheryl Okimoto

February 11, 2013  10:59am

Well said Sharon! You speak the Truth that we all need to hear. Most of us Christians prefer to get only some of our truth from the bible. When the secular world has a "truth" that fits our feelings better, we'll chose to go with that instead of God's Word. What a dangerous place to be!

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